Process Reengineering with Excel

Process Reengineering in Excel
Excel Spreadsheets

The market is constantly changing and companies must be attentive to them so that their business keeps pace with each market transformation. Even more in an increasingly digital world, where changes happen faster and faster! Companies end up having to opt for more flexible long-term planning, and have strategies so that they can monitor and predict these changes.

One of the major problems faced, especially by more traditional companies, is to have their internal processes obsolete and stuck. Changing concepts without harming the company as a whole becomes a major challenge for managers and entrepreneurs.

In order to make these changes, 90 created the concept of process reengineering. Process reengineering is a way to manage and transform old business processes into more current and appropriate processes, allowing the company to become even more competitive. Or, as Stair and Reynolds rightly said,

"... a redesign of processes, which involves the readjustment of the business processes, organizational structures, information systems and values ​​of the organization, aiming a turnaround in the results of the organization's business."

Rethinking, redesigning, reshaping processes within a company can increase profit margins, foster development, foster innovation, increase productivity, and make the work environment a pleasant and engaging place for employees and customers.

One of the great functions of reengineering is to eliminate unnecessary work and rework due to outdated and inadequate actions in processes. In addition, process reengineering is also beneficial for:

  • Make processes more effective and efficient;
  • Reduce the expenditure of forces and use of resources in projects;
  • Eliminate errors and rework;
  • Eliminate unnecessary expenses;
  • Minimize delays;
  • Reduce costs and short unnecessary expenses;
  • Provide greater control of projects and processes of the company;
  • Make processes more flexible, accessible and simple;
  • Eliminate bureaucracy.

How can Excel worksheets help Process Reengineering?

When you begin your process reengineering, make a wise decision and choose a good tool that will help you in this task. And spreadsheets in Excel, which automate calculations and various tasks can be a wise decision in this regard.

A good example of a worksheet that helps you with this task is the one that is available on, the Process Performance Sheet. This worksheet allows you to record your processes and analyze the performance of your processes, observing the results and enabling them to be redesigned more effectively.

The spreadsheet comes with 10 process tabs, and each of them can define one of the company processes:

In the spreadsheet you fill in all the data related to the process, such as responsible, name, steps, responsible, indicators etc.

In the Graphs tab you can view the consolidated results, and verify which processes are working correctly, which need to be changed, which are not producing the expected results and identify which points need to be improved.

See how easy it is to plan and re-plan with an appropriate tool.

Did you like the spreadsheet? So watch this video and get to know this worksheet better!

Excel Spreadsheets


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