10 spreadsheet templates to improve your management

Excel Spreadsheets

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Nowadays it is no longer sufficient to have technical capacity and a good intention to run a successful business. It is increasingly important to understand about management and to have the right tools for this task. At that time, have the spreadsheet templates certain may be the difference between success or failure.

Just to give you an idea, about 85% of companies in Brazil use some sort of spreadsheet model to better understand their results and make plans. The big problem here is that most of the time these tools are done anyway, with poor quality, dubious calculations and awful usability.

Excel Spreadsheets

You probably should have gone through this by starting in a new area and seeing the worksheets that were used before you arrived. That is why here in LUZ, we make a point of offering models of quality worksheets.

Throughout this post you will see the 10 main models of management worksheets which I have separated. They are: economic feasibility study, cash flow, business plan, strategic planning results, swot analysis, business diagnosis, performance evaluation by competencies, registration and control of employees, prospecting clients e pricing of services.

1. Model of Economic Feasibility Study Worksheet

A economic feasibility study sheet is one of the best spreadsheet models used to analyze the likelihood that a new business idea, project, or investment will work out and make it possible for you to return. With it you can make investment projections, expenses and revenues. From the scenarios delineated it is possible to analyze time for payback and feasibility indicators (NPV and TIR).

spreadsheet-ready-eve templates

See the full version of economic feasibility study sheet! With it you can do 3, 5 and 10 analyzes for years. Another use of the spreadsheet is for the comparison of optimistic and pessimistic scenarios.

2. Cash Flow Worksheet Template

A spreadsheet cash flow is the tool you need to control your financial. It is possible to record inputs and outputs, as well as analyze various indicators. The main statements you will have are the accounts payable and receivable, cash flow and DRE (statement of income for the year).

cash flow model

See the full version of spreadsheet cash flow! This is one of the most important spreadsheet templates for the initial organization of any business. In addition to the controls already indicated, you can see a summary of the daily launches, charts and alerts of your financial situation.

3. Business Plan Spreadsheet Template

A business plan sheet is for you to have a complete and general view of your company. In it you can analyze your market, business modeling, strategy, marketing and finance. Let's look at each of these items:

  • Market - description of customers, size of market, market share, competitors and resources required
  • Modeling - analyzing the canvas of the business model and value curve
  • Strategy - mission summary, vision, values, competitive forces, SWOT analysis, goals and actions
  • Marketing - 4 P's Summary of Marketing - Product, Place, Price and Promotion
  • Finance - description of investments, expenses, costs and revenue projections

After filling in all these items you can see a series of indicators and graphs.


See the full version of business plan sheet! Perhaps by providing all these items I've listed and still presenting an executive summary ready for printing I consider this one of the most useful spreadsheet templates.

4. Strategic Planning Worksheet template

A strategic planning worksheet will help you in organizing the plans and strategy of your company's future. With it you can define your purpose and main goals globally and by area. From the initial settings, you can define a monthly schedule that can be tracked periodically. You can also view alerts, tips, and proximity indicators with the planned result. That way you can understand whether you are achieving your goals or not.


See the full version of strategic planning worksheet! This is one of the models of strategy worksheets that can help you the most. It can be implemented at the beginning of a year or even over a period that you deem important.

5. SWOT Analysis Worksheet Template

A swot analysis worksheet is one of the models of strategy worksheets that allows you to know your company better. What I like most about it is the division between internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities and threats). Consolidating these items in the SWOT matrix allows you a view of where to focus your attention. Another positive point is to use SWOT as support in formulating strategies and action plans. At this point the crossed SWOT is a hand on the wheel and can help you a lot.

spreadsheet-ready-analysis-swot templates

See the full version of swot analysis worksheet! With it, it is possible to analyze its favorability index, make a general analysis of its internal and external factors, as well as monitor actions.

6. Business Diagnostics Worksheet Template

A business diagnostic worksheet is an extremely useful tool for those who want to do a very specific internal analysis. When answering several questions about each of your company's key areas, you get a snapshot of your current time. The areas you will analyze are:

  • Strategy
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • People Management (HR)


See the full version of business diagnostic worksheet! This is one of the best spreadsheet templates to discover the maturity level of your business. In addition, with this tool it is possible to analyze graphs with your current situation against the desired one.

7. Performance Evaluation Worksheet Template

A competency performance evaluation worksheet is one of the great models of human resource worksheets. It is possible to register your employees, positions and skills. From these initial records, you can do analysis to understand how individual, area, or business performance works.


See the full version of competency performance evaluation worksheet! It allows you to take action on promotions, layoffs or congratulations from your results.

8. Employee Control Worksheet Template

A employee registration and control worksheet allows you to have close control of your employees. With it you will be able to make a complete registration of all the people who work for you. After that, whenever you need to consult any information you will have a search field to use. In addition to this information you can see graphs, indicators and alerts about the situation of these employees.

spreadsheet-ready-control-of-function templates

See the full version of employee registration and control worksheet! This is one of the HR worksheet templates that I think are most important to anyone who wants to start organizing their employees' control.

9. Customer Prospecting Worksheet Template

A customer prospecting worksheet is one of the main models of sales spreadsheets. It is suitable for any type of business that works with negotiations. This tool helps you organize your sales funnel, register salespeople, customers and your entire sales structure. Once you complete sales records, negotiations, and goals, simply analyze your consolidated results, charts, and tips.

spreadsheet-ready-prospecting models

See the full version of customer prospecting worksheet!

10. Service Pricing Worksheet template

A worksheet for pricing services will help you analyze prices, taxes, markup, expenses, contribution margin and break-even point. Then it is enough to compare the suggested price with your competitors and see if it is possible to reach (and exceed) the breakeven.


See the full version of worksheet for pricing services! It is one of the most accurate spreadsheet templates to help you get on your pricing.

Other Spreadsheet Templates

If you are in need of other tools, I recommend that you visit the LIGHT. There you will find more than 60 spreadsheet templates ready. Never use spreadsheets with usability issues or calculations just because they are free.

In addition to being sure of the professionalism of the spreadsheet models, LIGHT you can ask any questions about our online support channel.

Or ... Create your spreadsheet templates

Beyond the ready-made worksheet templates that we sell, we also have great free tips here on our blog, just look at the Excel category. In addition to these tips, if you prefer better explained content, do not forget to also see our Excel online courses:

10 spreadsheet templates to improve your 1 management

Excel Spreadsheets


  1. Good night!!!
    I need a spreadsheet planning a successful negotiation. If possible until Wednesday.
    Now appreciate the attention.

  2. ola!
    I need a spreadsheet for forecasted vs actual cost analysis, with absolute and percentage deviations, trend analysis and graphing, as well as the forecast for the next budget. can you help me with this? please.

  3. Hi Franklin, we do not do customizations in spreadsheets, but we can ask questions about our support channel

  4. Hi Roberson, you need a table that counts all the monthly fees and use of reloads, then a CONT.SE and a SOMASE should solve

  5. Hello Rafael, how are you? I'm breaking my head with a spreadsheet ... actually a kind of calculation ... I'd like to see if there's anything for this kind of situation .... a telephony operator, sells the numbers, and charges a monthly fee X plus a credit recharge, which you can spend among all your numbers, this credit recharge is valid for 6 months. how can I make the formula so that my real credit can be informed monthly through my spreadsheet? because the financial from my supplier presents me with a value and the financial from my company sends me another. I need to prove who's wrong.

  6. Hi Hugo, we have paid templates. You can download free demo versions on our site to evaluate spreadsheets and, if you wish, make the purchase - https://es.luz.vc/

  7. Is there any spreadsheet for monthly closing of clients with procv or another formula that pulls from one tab to another?

  8. Sorry, they have some free templates ???

  9. Hi Flávio, how are things good? We do not make custom spreadsheets, but we can help you with the spreadsheets acquired via our support email (contato@luz.vc) - I believe it is the best way to understand how to help you ok? If you have other specific questions, I can respond here, but to give support or more profound help our email is the best way

  10. Good evening, my friend, I need a spreadsheet for critical dats in stores.
    I am a sales promoter and I work with many merchandise, I need a spreadsheet that helps me to have this control easily and practically.
    please send me an email fabio_costasouza@yahoo.com

  11. Hello,
    Good afternoon

    I need your support to develop an excel spreadsheet for financial management! I already got some packages from you and it was not practical for my business. I await your contact.


  12. I do not know where to find it, but it's not difficult to do this, let's break it down, the abbreviated name, you can use the LEFT function to abbreviate, idem for the document sector. Already to put the day, month, year and time, you can use the NOW () function. If necessary, use together the DAY, MONTH, YEAR

  13. Good day.

    I need a spreadsheet that automatically generates numbers for certain documents.

    Eg: The document is a procedure, so it would look like this: proc_ "short name of the procedure" _ "abbreviation of the sector of the coupling" _ "day + month + year + time created".

    Could you tell me where to find it?

    Thank you.

  14. Hi Marlon, what kind of help do you need? That someone develops for you? If so, send me an email with all the details that I check the feasibility of doing. If it is a timely question, just ask.

  15. Hi Francisco, at first we do not have a specific worksheet for this purpose. If you have all the details of charges for the different works, send me an email at rafael@luz.vc to see the possibility of developing.

  16. Good afternoon, I need to develop a spreadsheet for social charges, work with industrial works, which have different duration, obviously the burdens also change. Is it possible to do this assembly?

    Thank you, I'm waiting.

  17. Good morning
    I need help developing a production management worksheet using some indicators,
    * Schedule of activities by the sectors
    * KPIs (planned)
    * Dashboards
    * Daily / monthly / annual management

  18. Good Afternoon,
    I need a spreadsheet to track visits from my sellers and also their performance, where I have the schedules, the history and status of the companies visited.
    You would have something ready that fits this profile.

  19. Good morning, I need a Spreadsheet to equalize my stock between 5 branches, that is, to leave this stock as aligned as possible, taking into account the input data in this worksheet QUANTITY SOLD FOR A CERTAIN PERIOD, CURRENT POSITION OF EACH BRANCH, MINIMUM STOCK AND (HOW MUCH TO TAKE EACH BRANCH). Note: if in this worksheet make the crossings of which product to go to which better branch yet ..

  20. Rafael, I work in a metallurgical and I need to create a lost sales spreadsheet, but I'm having difficulty, I need information like; Date, Seller, Amount Lost in Kg or Tons, Product, and Reason. Can you help me?

  21. Good morning, team of Light,

    I need, please, a spreadsheet that allows me to present monthly financial information, I would like an executive summary that would refer me to the specific map or chart.
    Ex .: Monthly credit follow-up, where the highest disbursements and reimbursements are highlighted.

    Votes for the best working day

  22. Good afternoon Rafael, I need to create a spreadsheet for a control of debits received and sent to a single client. It needs to be something explanatory to show the customer.

  23. Hello, I need a specific spreadsheet. You can contact me at (16) 99608-9594.
    Thank you.

  24. Hi, good afternoon, I would like a spreadsheet for the restaurant. Type: In the first block, we sell the second price and in the last one, we mark what they asked for. You can do something like that. ???

  25. Hi Franciele, everything good? Can you tell me a little more than you need? So I develop a spreadsheet that suits you. At first I thought about having this structure:
    1 - document record (setting date, document name, type, comments)
    2 - overview by month (number of documents registered per day and by type)
    3 - year overview (number of documents registered per month and by type)
    Do you have any other needs?

  26. At home, I would use the following option (document number) (input and output) (delivered or not) I have to fill it out and then I have to see it monthly with a broad view of everything. I do not know if you could understand me, thank you!

  27. Good morning, would you have a worksheet for filing daily papers, and then I get an overview every month?

  28. Good Morning! I need a spreadsheet for combinations of lottery numbers. it's possible?


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