3 PERSONAL worksheets that everyone needs to have

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Throughout life, it is necessary to adopt a series of personal plans to ensure a peaceful retirement, both financially and in relation to our personal dreams. Areas such as financial control, career planning, time optimization, and self-assessment are essential methods for living happily and achieving goals more quickly.

Here are examples of spreadsheets that can be used to help you organize every area of ​​your life.

The 3 personal spreadsheets you may need to organize your life

The use of appropriate tools will make it easier to design good planning for your life. Using spreadsheets, the whole process will be much more practical, easy and enjoyable.

1. Personal Finance Worksheet

Let's start by organizing the personal finances. See in the image below how the worksheet can help in planning and controlling your personal finances. All in a very interactive way. To get started, you need a worksheet that allows you to identify your type of accounts (receipts and expenses) and add others if necessary. Below you can see an image of the chart of accounts tab of our spreadsheet:

3 PERSONAL worksheets that everyone needs to have 1

After that, you will want to control your daily postings so that you can have a quick analysis of your day-to-day, both card bills and day-to-day expenses:

Personal Finance Worksheet - Tables

After that, it is worth seeing the demonstration of your results (which already compiles all the information in a single table).

Personal Finance Worksheet - Results

Once you have your consolidated results, just have quick graphical views:

Personal Finance Worksheet - Graphics

2. 2.0 Career Planning Worksheet

Any human being needs to plan and organize personal and professional life. To do this, you need to balance your goals, from what you want to your personal life, through professional life and pretension of salary. All of those goals should get you closer to your life goal. See the image of the personal career planning worksheet below:

5 spreadsheets that everyone needs to have

If you follow a step-by-step well done, you will be able to control your pay goals in a specific way, so you will enter and manage your career path and accomplish your goals with the help of the worksheet.

5 spreadsheets that everyone needs to have

And in the end, you can watch everything with easy-to-view graphics that generate great insights into your day-to-day life.

3. 2.0 Self-Assessment Worksheet

To conclude, it is worthwhile to make a personal evaluation of your characteristics using a self-evaluation worksheet. Regardless of which segment or activity you will pursue, using this worksheet will complement your planning with information that will enable you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your personality as well as threats and opportunities. Look:

5 spreadsheets that everyone needs to have

After that you will have clear results showing what you can do:

5 spreadsheets that everyone needs to have

Use all of these worksheets together to achieve the greatest success in every aspect of your life.

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  1. I can not locate these 3 personal spreadsheets that everyone needs to have. Are they no longer available? Thanks

  2. Hi Rafaela, some of the spreadsheets have been discontinued and are no longer on the site, so you go to the main page

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  4. Hi John, thanks for the compliment. We have not yet thought of this movement, but it is certainly an interesting idea. Big hug and thanks for the touch

  5. It would be great if you could turn your spreadsheets into universal Windows applications. The lack of beautiful and professional applications in the Windows Store is astonishing, and its spreadsheets, converted into universal applications, would have a high price, for sure.

  6. Hi, Suelen, how are you?

    Probably Felipe was referring to the demo worksheets. Which you can download by going directly to the link for each of them, which in the upper left corner of the page you will see a field for download ok?

  7. Congratulations on the material, and thank you for making it available for free.

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