Tips for mastering Excel

Tips for mastering Excel
Excel Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel is one of the most accessed software in the world. It is used, basically, to create spreadsheets, graphs and facilitate a series of operations as an aid in organizing your work.

The program is seen as one of the most extensive and complete on the internet. It is even difficult to take advantage of all the countless possibilities offered.

No matter what segment you work in, whether in electronics recycling, printed circuit or fire fighting system, the famous Excel table will accompany you.

With that in mind, we’ve listed some tips for mastering Excel and doing your job more quickly and efficiently. Come on?

Using Ctrl + Page Up or Ctrl + Page Down

The use of this type of command is essential to help and facilitate the life of anyone. That's because he is responsible for changing the spreadsheet tabs.

That is, when there are several spreadsheets prepared in a single document, you have the possibility to walk through them and check the data in each one. Test the command now and see how useful it is.

How to jump from the first to the last line

Another super easy but very effective tip when editing or filling a table is the command to jump from the first to the last line.

It is possible to go from cell to cell with the arrows on the keyboard itself, but the work can be less if you hold down Ctrl + one of the arrows. Simple, isn't it?

Use the Shift key to select items

There are much easier ways to select lines than one by one. By pressing Ctrl + Shift + arrow on the keyboard, you can extend the selection to the last cell.

There is no secret. It is simple, practical and very effective for you who work with spreadsheets or intend to use them as a form of personal organization.

Do you know the double click to copy technique?

Many of us think that to copy some formula and pass in the other cells we need to paste it one by one, right? But there is a much faster and more practical way to carry out this activity.

To get all the cells in the column to repeat the formula, you just need to double-click in the lower right corner of the cell to be duplicated.

These are just the simplest and most practical techniques for you who are starting to work with Excel and want to optimize your time.

There are a multitude of commands and processes to learn. You could write a book with just the amount of commands present. To begin with, these are more than enough. You are ready to work on an Excel without encountering difficulties.

There is no secret. It takes months of training and knowledge to tinker with an Excel to master it. Practice is also fundamental, see? What are you waiting for to get your hands dirty?

This article was written by Iago Martins, Content Creator at Industrial Solutions.

Excel Spreadsheets


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