10 Tips for Getting a Job Still on 2019

Tips for getting a job
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Getting a job has become a very complex task that requires strategy, persistence and determination, even more than in recent years the market has become more competitive every day, because since the beginning of the economic crisis facing the country the index unemployment remains high and makes it difficult for professionals to enter the market.

In addition to the difficulties attributed to the economic crisis, which according to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) started at the end of the year 2014 and that makes millions of unemployed Brazilians look for a job in the market, there is still the issue of constant cuts of employees by companies claiming spending cuts.

If you are part of these millions of Brazilians who are currently unemployed and need urgent jobs, keep reading this article developed with some strategic tips on how to find a job. These tips are intended to help you structure your search for a job placement or replacement.

Tips for getting a job

Remember that looking for a job is a daunting task that requires a good strategy, where not just knowing how to make a perfect resume It's attractive to add value to your application, after all, it's not just your resume that counts when it comes to getting paid.

1 - Set Up a Routine

As we have already mentioned, finding a job requires a well-defined strategy with determinations ranging from the daily time that will be allocated to the search, to setting a weekly amount for applications, because in short a rigorous planning will act as a reaction facilitator for The case of the professional does not get a job quickly.

Establishing a routine will give you a better section of the situation as it will make you feel more relaxed as it proves that the professional is doing everything possible to overcome the challenges and find a job vacancy.

2 - Keep Your Resume Always Up to Date

Get in the habit of updating your resume on a monthly basis, because the resume is a document intended to present you as a professional to the company you are working for, that is, it has a duty to add value to your application and be able to increase your chances of being invited to participate in the targeted job interview.

This also makes making constant reviews a strategic act that aims to tailor the curriculum to the desired position. And remember that companies always seek to hire the best employee to compose their teams.

3 - Search for companies that match your Professional Profile

Submitting resumes to any job position without regard to your profile, job and company compatibility, even if you are anxious about a job placement or relocation, may end up less likely to be called as there are other people with a profile most appropriate.

So if the job does not match your professional profile choose not to apply, because besides being smarter investing your time and energy only in jobs that are appropriate and appropriate to your profile, will save you the work of participate in tiresome processes that do not meet your needs.

4 - Register your resume in databases

Enroll your resume in a database of specialized job sites that detect matching company and candidate profiles to indicate matching jobs. It is important to make and keep up to date a database in areas compatible with the area of ​​interest, as it can facilitate the contact of the parties when opening an opportunity.

We point out that most job search sites also have advanced search criteria to help you get a job placement or replacement that meets your expectations. The vacancies are also usually offered via the application for Android and iOS with free and paid version.

5 - Network

It is essential to develop, cultivate and expand a network of professional contacts (networking) solid with friends, former coworkers, family members, former coworkers, college colleagues, teachers, acquaintances and others, this can help you greatly increase your chances of getting a good foothold in the current market and ensuring success. professional.

This is because keeping in touch with people who can help you in the professional field is very valid, since they can help you to get a new job or even to rise within your area of ​​expertise. In addition to being appropriate to offer your services, the network of professional contacts is very beneficial both for your success in the market and for others in the network.

6 - Stay up to date

Professionals looking for a job placement or relocation need to be always up to date on the key facts that happen in Brazil and around the world, as this monitoring can make it easier to identify what is happening in the market as a whole to be an ever better professional.

In addition to mastering general knowledge, it is important to conduct courses and trainings to also stay professionally updated, know the trends and demands of your area or the area you want to act.

7 - Prepare for the job interview

The job interview is a decisive moment for hiring a professional, so you should plan every detail of your professional presentation to be successful and win the job. We emphasize that this preparation ranges from careful study of all aspects of the job and company to attention to appearance and posture.

Therefore, the professional should prepare for a formal dialogue that includes questions and answers about his personal information and professional experiences. We recommend that the candidate learn to speak professionally about himself and prepare pertinent questions to ask at the end of the interview.

If you find it valid, we recommend you train at home first to make sure you are prepared for all steps of the interview.

8 - Behave at Job Interview

All behavioral aspects of a candidate are observed and taken into account during the recruitment, when choosing the best candidate for the company. For this reason it is very important to be extremely professional, as the behavior of the professional is observed by everyone since their arrival at the company.

So be punctual, friendly, kind and polite to everyone with whom you have contact, and you also want to communicate formally and maintain eye contact with the recruiter as this will convey safety and reliability.

9 - Keep Getting Qualified

Skilled professionals, even in times of economic crisis, are unlikely to be unemployed, so staying up to date in your area or wanting to work is very valid. That is, recycling is super important for a good professional.

For this reason we recommend that professionals, even unemployed, seek to update themselves in the profession through courses, workshops, training, lectures, postgraduate and others, which will prepare you for the market in general, making it possible both to find the dream job. as well as professional growth.

For those who are not working it is worth a look on the internet to see if they can find a free course.

10 - Stay Focused

Despite the current difficulty of Brazilians to achieve an effective, there are many companies that have vacancies, vacancies that are not filled due to lack of time, dedication, focus, resilience and the ability of unemployed professionals to persist to reach the longed for job opportunity.

So stay focused, devote yourself and always consider resourcefulness tactics to promote yourself properly and professionally, remember that it is not enough just to think positive, because there is no magic formula for getting a job.

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