How To Be a Good Lawyer

How to be a Good Lawyer?
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Anyone who opts or has already opted for law should ask themselves most of the time: "How to be a good lawyer?". There are countless answers to this question and each person will have their own opinion and definition. But taking into account the opinion of great lawyers in the country to be a good lawyer requires much more character, ethics, honesty, integrity and fairness.

Nowadays it is not enough just a law degree in the hands, even though it is in one of the best colleges in the country and even though it was the best student in its class. Is it a breakthrough already? No doubt, but it is not enough. Not only a lawyer, but a very important tip for all professions is as follows: To be a good professional, regardless of your degree, good character and good character, it is also essential to understand a few other areas such as administration. , accounting, finance, personal marketing (knowing how to prospect new and future clients and retain those who already know your work), fashion (because a good professional should dress well), after all the image is everything. Another very important tip is to keep your clients, watch over your reputation and be incorruptible, not tarnish your dignity or break your oath for any reason, know how to behave before your coworkers, judges and prosecutors, and especially know how to communicate with Your client is essential, and of course, never stop studying, always be updating, seeking new knowledge and professional training. Now that you know some tips on how to be a good lawyer, let's dig deeper into the subject.

CBO (Brazilian Classification of Occupations) It is a document or standard that deals with the recognition of the existence of a certain occupation in the Brazilian labor market. It was established on the basis of Ordinance No. 397, of 10 / 10 / 2002. And to obtain a CBO, the user will have to enter the site, where he will perform the registration and fulfill your order, simple as that.

Characteristic of a good professional

  • The first of these applies to all professions: LOVE YOUR PROFESSION, being in love with what you do;
  • Education, effort, good conduct, working not only for money, money is just a reward and reward for your work;
  • Empowerment, updating, knowledge never hurts, explore your and other areas as much as you can;
  • Dedication, punctuality, being honest and respectable;
  • Competence, efficiency, productivity, ethics and promptness;
  • Never, under any circumstances, be corruptible. Your image and your values ​​are priceless. Etc…

Types of companies that need this professional

With the law degree in hand, you have a wide range to explore and choose where you want to work and what type of company you identify with most, after all everyone needs a lawyer. Here are some tips on where and how to work:

  • Open own law office or to continue the family business, or to work in partnership with professional colleagues;
  • Competitions and work for municipal, state, government and federal companies, have professional and financial stability, holding the position of Lawyer, Attorney, Contract Analyst and Bid - Legal, Attorney Analyst, Tax Auditor and many others.
  • Private businesses whether it is a large-scale micro-enterprise or a joint-stock enterprise.

2018 Law Firm Minimum Wage

According to the site

241005 Lawyer 3.029,78 4.267,30 6.448,87  
241030 Lawyer (abuse of economic power) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  
241030 Lawyer (Aerospace) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  
241030 Lawyer (industrial property agent) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  
241030 Lawyer (environmentalist) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  
241030 Lawyer (special areas) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  
241030 Lawyer (Biodirecte) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  
241030 Lawyer (Unfair Competition) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  
241030 Lawyer (sport) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  
241020 Lawyer (administrative law) 3.509,92 4.943,55 7.470,84  
241015 Lawyer (civil law) 2.717,97 3.828,13 5.785,19  
241015 Lawyer (Family Law and Probate) 2.717,97 3.828,13 5.785,19  
241035 Lawyer (labor law) 4.078,62 5.744,54 8.681,32  
241030 Lawyer (international law) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  
241025 Lawyer (criminal law) 2.507,44 3.531,60 5.337,06  
241020 Lawyer (public law) 3.509,92 4.943,55 7.470,84  
241030 Lawyer (Child and Adolescent Rights) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  
241030 Lawyer (consumer rights) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  
241030 Lawyer (electric power) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  
241030 Lawyer (intellectual property) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  
241030 Lawyer (water and mineral resources) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  
241030 Lawyer (telecommunications) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  
241015 Civil lawyer 2.717,97 3.828,13 5.785,19  
241015 Commercial lawyer 2.717,97 3.828,13 5.785,19  
241020 Constitutionalist lawyer 3.509,92 4.943,55 7.470,84  
241015 Contractual lawyer 2.717,97 3.828,13 5.785,19  
241025 Criminal lawyer 2.507,44 3.531,60 5.337,06  
241010 Company Lawyer 4.662,11 6.566,35 9.923,26  
241010 Business Lawyer 4.662,11 6.566,35 9.923,26  
241005 General practitioner 3.029,78 4.267,30 6.448,87  
241020 Social Security Lawyer 3.509,92 4.943,55 7.470,84  
241035 Labor lawyer 4.078,62 5.744,54 8.681,32  
241020 Tax lawyer 3.509,92 4.943,55 7.470,84  
241030 Lawyers (electronic law) 4.421,03 6.226,80 9.410,13  


Main Courses (Formal or Free), indicated by the OAB:

  • Practical Course: Jury Court - “According to the new Jury Law - Federal Law No. 11.689 of 09 June 2008”;
  • Current Family Law: Civil and Procedural Civil Aspects;
  • Civil Appeals in the New Code of Civil Procedure;
  • The New Code of Civil Procedure and Its Reflections in Extrajudicial Registry Offices;
  • Labor reform. Outsourcing and Temporary Contracts;
  • Practice in Family Law and the impacts of the New CPC, Disability Status and Jurisprudence;
  • Labor Law;
  • Third Sector and Multidisciplinary: Tax, Statutory, Accounting, Labor, Certifications, Public Power Partnerships (13.019 / 2014 Law), and Good Management Practices;
  • EAD - Judicial Recovery and Bankruptcy

For more information visit the website:

  • You also have the options of On-Site, Semi-On-Site, Online Distance Learning, MBA, Master and Gold courses. The higher your level of education, the higher your salary.

Expected Activities

There are two major careers that Bachelor of Laws can pursue: Advocacy and Legal Career. Each offers several areas of expertise and expertise. In law, the bachelor will represent the interests of companies, institutions or individuals and defend their interests and rights in areas such as civil, administrative, environmental, commercial, labor and criminal or criminal.

In the legal career, the lawyer acts in public agencies of a municipality, a state or the Union, conducting investigations or accompanying and intermediating the judgment of actions or proceedings. There are four areas of this career: Public Advocacy, Police Station, Magistracy and Public Prosecution.

The work routine of a lawyer is very tiring and stressful, the professional in this area has to have wisdom and discipline to deal with extremely exhausting situations, because the right of one will hurt the right of the other, so it is not easy to have to deal with these situations all the time. The lawyer is paid to defend and care for his client, gather all possible evidence and witnesses to try to ensure the client's cause is won. A good lawyer has to know everything about the laws and always be up to date, because if the lawyer knows the laws like the palm of his hands, he can look for loopholes in these laws to induce the judge in favor of his client. Every day we can say that a lawyer's routine is like this, full of comings and goings of the forum, notary's offices, hearings, among other tasks. But overall that's it, it's a very tiring but very pleasurable work routine for lovers of the profession.

Growth Expectations

Tips on how to get promoted in the company where you work:

  • Productivity, Productivity and Productivity;
  • Update, Update and Update, knowledge never hurts;
  • Hear the voice of experience;
  • Do not cover up mistakes;
  • Build the best team and be part of it;
  • Do not be snobby, arrogant or smug;
  • Respect your colleagues and work;
  • Honesty, character and good character;
  • Make some investments as a business lunch, to profit later;
  • Learn to use words and don't give advice by phone;
  • Have no affair with co-workers;
  • Do not buy fights, prefer agreements;
  • Have a good Networking.
  • ETC

Personal development:

It may not seem like it, but everyone sells something or a service. We're all working with sales, be it direct or indirect. And there is always someone needing this something or that service, the secret is how, when and where we offer these products to our customers. So it is simply a detail that differentiates one professional from another, it is the personal development of each one. You need to know how to deal with people, understand everything about what you are selling, but first of all, you need to know yourself, invest in yourself, your professional, if you serve first and then serve others. That is the secret of many successful professionals we see around. Now, one thing everyone will agree upon is the following: Every professional, business or entrepreneur must have everything written down, controlled and organized, to save time, have more productivity, perform tasks more efficiently, and more. And here in Light Blog you find several spreadsheets to help you and your business grow and strengthen in the market. Spreadsheets are very efficient, productive and very easy to move, you can always be updating your content, editing and formatting the way you want. The spreadsheets come ready for you to use, and all that work of putting together a spreadsheet at home, editing line by line, inserting a calculation code for ballot, will not be more accurate, because Blog Light has already done it for you, it's just buy and enjoy. Now, you no longer have to keep that desire to have a spreadsheet for the business, but you never had a hard time making or completing one. Here, you find what you need. Here are some of the options:

Personal Planner Worksheet

The personal planner spreadsheet for 2019 that everyone needs to organize and control their day to day. It has areas for personal evaluation, establishment of life and financial goals, calendar / calendar for all months of the year, financial control and activities performed. With it you will get exactly where you want.

Worksheet Wheel of Life

A spreadsheet indicated for coaching projects. With it, you will be able to evaluate different areas of your life and create plans!

Selection of Spreadsheets for Lawyers:

Judicial Process Control Worksheet

With this worksheet you will be able to track and control the amount, completion, amounts and fees of all legal proceedings that go through your law firm, fully and by attorney.

Client Control Worksheet for Lawyers

This Excel file brings the solution to customer control for lawyers. Allowing the registration of customer characteristics, fees, subjects dealt with. It is also possible to control the amounts charged for attorney activities and client payments.

Fee Control Worksheet

Track all the actions your office is involved in, track your status and see the attorney and company fees automatically.

Spreadsheet for Legal Sector

This is the spreadsheet package for the legal sector, here you will have 7 spreadsheets:

  1. 4.0 Excel Legal Process Control Worksheet
  2. Contract Management and Control Worksheet in Excel 4.0
  3. Excel Process Search Worksheet 4.0
  4. Cash Flow Worksheet in Excel 4.0
  5. 4.0 Excel Document Control System Worksheet
  6. 4.0 Excel Advocate Fee Control Worksheet
  7. 4.0 Excel Task Control Worksheet

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Excel Spreadsheets


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