How to be a good Receptionist

How To Be a Good Receptionist
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What does a Receptionist do and what areas are under her responsibilities?

The (A) Receptionist is the professional responsible for acting with public attendance in reception and telephone in hotels, hospitals, banks, airports, clinics, medical clinics, laboratories and many other establishments.

A receptionist performs scheduling, in addition to guiding the arrival of patients, guests, visitors and passengers.

You are under the responsibilities of a Receptionist:

  • act at the reception
  • answer, filter calls, and record scraps
  • receive visits and clarify doubts
  • take responsibility for the purchase of office supplies and hygiene
  • do the routing of calls
  • send and track matches
  • provide support in directory and directory research or oversight
  • make control and purchases of supplies (office supplies, cleaning and canopies)
  • provide support in the organization
  • manage the agenda and board connections
  • create and archive documents
  • check the company email
  • control the keys and record information

In order for the professional to perform well as a receptionist, in addition to graduation, it is essential that she have a basic notion of computer science and, depending on the company, notions of English.

With what areas within a company, does a Receptionist relate?

The work routine of a receptionist is mostly to give you with documents, connections, notes, emails, computers, printers, be responsible for acting with public attendance at reception and telephone in hotels, hospitals , banks, airports and other establishments, relates to all areas within each establishment.

How to be a good receptionist:

To be a good professional the area follows some tips:

  1. Whenever you can, take courses in the area, become professional and increase your degree of knowledge in the area, another language is always welcome and further value your work and your salary within the company;
  2. Pay close attention to what your boss asks of you. The same goes for customer requests and customer service, either in person or via telephone service;
  3. Be agile, helpful, pay attention to what people talk about and always seek to meet them with warmth and friendliness;
  4. Always be in a good mood and receive the good people who call or look for you, after all you are the first image that the person will have of the company, before reaching your boss;
  5. Be willing to work and never mistreat anyone;
  6. Respect the rules and policies of the company, no gossip if not speak badly of the boss;
  7. Know how to dress and communicate properly for the job;
  8. Have good writing, in doubt search for a dictionary and always communicate clearly and objectively, never use slang even if you are with acquaintances or relatives, always treat customers with respect, calling them lord or lady;
  9. If you are busy when you need to meet someone, never leave the person waiting for too long, if the task can wait, so be it stop what you are doing and answer the customer, because it has priority;
  10. In free time, do not ever sit around on cell phone or talking to friends and family about personal matters on the phone or in the workplace, except in case of emergencies;

PS: Social Networking and WhatsApp in working hours do not even think, leave these things only for the interval and with your boss's permission;

  1. Understand computer well, write down everything that happens and everything that customers pass to you, nothing to leave for later, because forgetting to write down important messages and information, in some situations may be unforgivable;
  2. Be punctual and avoid getting late at work, this starts to pick up badly and create a negative image of your professional, and in case of health or emergency, let your chief supervisor know in advance;
  3. Never get into any doubts, if you do not know how to do something or have questions about something, ask your most experienced co-worker or if you need your boss supervisor better ask what to do wrong and get in the way;
  4. Disagreements can happen to a client for a variety of reasons, but never argue with a client, always remain calm and calm, advise supervision if anything goes out of control;
  5. And always be willing to help people solve their problems and meet all customer requests because you are being paid for it and period.

With these tips your personal development can be very satisfactory and your boss can promote you, give you a raise, raise your position within the company, very cool, it is not!

Salaries of a Receptionist:

To work as a receptionist, not all companies require professional qualification. In some cases only a vocational course in the area, complete high school and sometimes can also ask for some months of experience, and will be enough to get a place in the area.

According to the website salaries in Brazil, the salary survey is updated monthly and provides data such as average salary, salary floor, sectors with the best salaries, salaries according to professional level, company size, schooling, age group and more.

An Assistant Desk Receptionist (CBO 422105), according to official salary data reported by the companies to the Ministry of Labor, receives between R$ 954,00 e R$ 2.851,86, taking into account the salary floor and the average salary ceiling of professionals hired with a formal contract in the CLT system at national level.

NOTE: You can earn even more if you have a college, graduate in the area and speak more than two languages.

R$ 1.272,33 It is Average Salary in Brazil

43h is the typical workday

Types of companies that need this professional:

  • Trade and general stores of the region;
  • Private Company (Medical, legal, dental, Colleges, Laboratories, Insurance, Hotel ...)
  • Public Company (Bank, Post Office, Hospitals, Schools, City Hall ...)

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Tools that may help a Receptionist

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  8. Dashboards

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  2. Claims Control
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  5. Complaints Dashboard
  6. Dashboard by Attendants

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Contrary to many people's imagination, hosting an office or an office desk is not as simple and easy as it appears.

The receptionist profession goes far beyond telephone service, notes on schedules, appointments of the boss, reports and attendance to the public.

Working as a receptionist requires a lot of attention, agility, organization, good communication, good writing, sympathy and more. No mistakes in Portuguese, mistaken speech, confused or slang communication, or slowness in executing the service are allowed.

Being in front of a reception desk requires a lot of effort and dedication, as several activities will be carried out at the same time and if they are not carried out efficiently and with organization, they can cause delays in the tasks and poor quality in the service provided.

And, as one task usually depends on the other, it can trigger a lot of problems and even disrupt both a supervisor, as well as their clients and co-workers.

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