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The Journey of Becoming Microsoft MCSA Productivity Solutions Expert

The Journey of Becoming Microsoft MCSA Productivity Solutions Expert

There's a lot going on with the Microsoft certification track lately. Last 2018, changes were made—and that is the conception of role-based certifications.

With this modification, old certifications were retired and were replaced by job-designed credentials. And, the new Microsoft technical certifications now fall into three levels, which include fundamental, associate, and expert. All the replacements were done to ensure that Microsoft continues to uphold quality and relevance among its certification program. As a prominent, multinational IT corporation, it's important for Microsoft to be up-to-date with everything surrounding the IT industry.

Despite the number of Examsnap MCSA and MCSA certifications that were phased out like the MCSA: Cloud Platform, MCSA: Linux on Azure, MCSA: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, and MCSA: Mobility, there are still old yet valuable certifications available—and that includes the MCSA Productivity Expert. Check out this step-by-step guide on how to gain this rather noteworthy expert-level Microsoft validation.

Getting to know more about MCSA Productivity Expert

Before we get into the details, let's have a quick discussion of this substantial certification from Microsoft.

MCSA Productivity Expert is the way to fully establish your productivity proficiency. The skill set includes efficiently transferring the business to cloud, effectively minimizing data loss, successfully increasing user productivity, and completely improving data security.

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All these tasks are on a higher level, hence the need for an expert-level certification to arise. With the MCSA Productivity Expert credential on your profile, it distinguishes your ability in running an organization. And did you know that this MCSA certification can be utilized as one of the core essentials to gain another advance role-based certification, which is the Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert? Know more about the steps on how to get your very own MCSA certification before it gets deleted forever!

Step 1: Getting an MCSA certification

Since MCSA is meant for the experts, you first need to gear yourself with an entry-level certification. For this specific one, you have two MCSA options―either the MCSA Windows Server 2012 or the MCSA Windows Server 2016. Both these MCSA certifications give you remarkable understanding of Windows Server Virtualization, which is needed to diminish expenses and expand business value. It’s ideal for those eyeing for jobs roles such as computer network specialists and system administrators. For the Prepaway MCSA Windows Server 2012, you need to complete three exams - Exam 70-410, 70-411, and 70-412. On the other hand, the MCSA Windows Server 2016 also requires you to clear three exams - Exam 70-740, 70-741, and 70-742.

Step 2: Knowing the Required Exams

Once you earn your MCSA certification, don’t waste time and get ready for a more challenging yet exciting journey. The MCSA Productivity Solutions Expert offers you four exam options.

  • 70-345 Exam

First on the list is exam 70-345, which is the test that examines your proficiency in handling Exchange Server 2016 messaging setting in an enterprise environment. For you to have an easier grasp of the exam objectives, it’s best to have prior knowledge about integrating Microsoft Exchange Server into Office 365 and Skype for Business. Ideally, the test is tailored to senior administrators and IT consultants who have extensive experience in administering a team of administrators.

  • 70-339 Exam

Next on the list is exam 70-339, or Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016. For this test, you’ll be able to polish your skills in setting up, organizing, deploying, and handling SharePoint 2016 installations both in a cloud setting and data center. With such comprehensive tasks, candidates must have at least four years of background in managing and maintaining not just SharePoint but also its surrounding core technologies. These related features include Active Directory, Internet Information Services, Networking Infrastructure Service, among others. Involvement in business continuity management and PowerShell is highly advisable.

  • 70-333 Exam

For the third option, you have exam 70-333 that signifies your capability in deploying Enterprise Voice via Skype for Business 2015. This test caters to professionals with 2 years or more experience in the IT consultation and telecommunication consultation niche, particularly in Skype for Business solutions and supported migration set-ups. The exam gives you the opportunity to acquire in-depth skills in unified communications.

  • 70-334 Exam

Lastly, there's exam 70-334, which is the suitable test if you’re looking to gain impeccable information about core solutions for unified communications. This test is pretty much the same as exam 70-333, except that it tackles on Microsoft Skype for Business 2015 key solutions instead of deployment enterprise voice tasks.

Step 3: Preparing for the Exam

Since you already have an idea of the required tests, you can pick your favored exam and jump into the preparation stage. Whatever your exam choice, Microsoft provides you with training courses, either online or instructor-led. Not only that, each exam lists down all its corresponding topics for easy reference.

Right after comprehending the entirety of the exam along with the coverage, put your knowledge into action by answering some practice tests. Aside from the official Microsoft practice tests, there’s one worth-mentioning website that gives a series of practice exams for all the four MCSA Productivity Solutions Expert exams. For many years, ExamSnap has been part of IT professionals’ journey to success. Their exam dumps are designed to cover all the exam objectives in a more realistic and simulative manner. In addition, this online platform offers you a great collection of video courses and useful tips on passing the required exams. Thus, you’ll nourish the knowledge and skills you’ve already gained.


The MCSA Productivity Solutions Expert is clearly not an easy task. It’s a completely challenging and lengthy journey to take. But the decision is yours. Get your MCSA productivity now and enjoy the fruits of your labor soon or let it slip and say goodbye to this limited chance of getting MCSA certified.

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