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Entrepreneurship is part of the year-end calendar of many Brazilians. It is common to note that, among the promises we make in the new year, are: opening my own business; buy your own home; buying a new car ... Anyway, there are countless dreams! 

However, it is worth mentioning that the entrepreneurship stands out among all of them, since many people dream of achieving professional freedom, flexible working hours, financial independence and, of course, being their own boss. 

Brazil is known as the country of '' entrepreneurship '' by necessity, since many people decide to open their own business due to unemployment, or even to increase family income. But after all, how to get the idea off the ground and start a business?

Thinking to help you in this process, we have prepared a list with 4 simple tips so that you, future entrepreneur, can open your own business and stand out in the market. Keep reading and check it out!

1. Define the value of your investment 

The first step is to define the value of your investment. To do this, answer: how much will it cost to get your business off the ground? And, mainly, what is the budget needed to keep you active in the market? This goes for any niche, even paint catalyst.

This step is very important, as this is how you will develop strategies to have a good financial return - which is hardly immediate. It is essential to think about working capital and create a reserve for adverse situations. 

2. Develop a business plan

O business plan it is nothing more than a document used to outline the current scenario of the market, the product and services offered and the entrepreneur's actions. Remember not to neglect him, as he will direct your strategies. 

The main objective of a business plan is to offer security to those who will take a business off the ground, pointing out better opportunities for success. It consists of three fundamental points:

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the business plan must consist of the location where the company will be or the professional who will set up the virtual store, as well as the number of employees. This goes for any segment, such as electronic disposal.

3. Understand bureaucratic issues

Discipline and patience are important elements for Brazilian entrepreneurship. This is to understand all the bureaucratic aspects that involve opening a business. 

After drafting your business plan, seek the assistance of a lawyer or accountant to work on bureaucratic and tax issues - which, in Brazil, is usually extensive. This in any slice of the market, as temperature and humidity sensor.

4. Enjoy what you do

Finally, it is important to mention that entrepreneurship involves profit, but also a lot of passion. It is she who will direct you through difficult times - and believe me, during your journey, they will be present. 

So, know how to control excitement and anxiety. With determination, focus and willingness to innovate, you will certainly be able to leverage your business and, as a result, become a renowned entrepreneur. 

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