How to Build a Jewelry Shop

How to Build a Jewelry Shop
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Today our business idea is something that attracts new entrepreneurs because it is an option that has a low cost of assembly and that has great acceptance by the most diverse publics.

We will see how to set up a costume jewelry shop, which are responsible for the sale of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories and the like.

The jewelry are pieces made of low-value stones and metals plated with brass, silver, gold or nickel, which give the wearers the look they wear.

Advantages and disadvantages

How to Build a Jewelry Shop

The costume jewelry usually has a low cost of acquisition for the entrepreneur and they can pass on to the consumer with an affordable price, which makes them fall in the taste of them. Although it is not basic need item, it is something that people, especially women do not run out of.

It is a branch that moves millions of reais a year and has great prospects for the next five years. But for the entrepreneur to have a considerable turnover, it is necessary to realize many sales, because as already mentioned, they are products of low cost, therefore it is necessary to have a high volume of sales to compensate.

Many jewelry stores close their doors with less than 1 year of activity, and those that remain in the market, need to know how to circumvent the competition to get ahead looking to innovate and update themselves on new trends.

Estimated initial capital

How to Build a Jewelry Shop

Expenses to set up a costume jewelry store will depend on the trade point chosen, the adaptations of the facility, and any planned physical structure.

Using the data provided by SEBRAE, it is estimated that something would be necessary around R $ 57.000,00 to open a shop with basic equipment, which would be used in:

- Reform and adaptation of the site.

- Rental and furniture.

- Advertising and packaging.

- Telephone, computer, printer.

- Initial stock and working capital.

Challenges of the market

The owner of a jewelry store will have many competitors, but he can take some steps to attract the customer to his store. Providing a pleasant environment, combined with excellent service is vital for the business to thrive.

Offering affordable prices coupled with products that have beauty and at the same time is of excellent quality is paramount.

It is also necessary that the entrepreneur knows the whole operation of his business. It is also worth studying the competition, noting what they sell and the prices they practice.

How to open a jewelry shop

How to Build a Jewelry Shop

Before you start investing in the business, you need to understand the market. Performing prior planning can decrease the chances of unnecessary boredom in the future.

In this type of business, the entrepreneur must be aware of new trends in the industry and work to make a good exposition of the pieces in order to attract the attention of the public.


The jewelery shops will have higher billing if installed in suitable places.

Large shopping centers with large flow of people, malls and galleries are good alternatives for the type of business in question.

It is worth mentioning that each type of location will attract a different audience. Use this information to acquire stock according to the audience you want to reach.

Equipment and Suppliers

How to Build a Jewelry Shop

The basic structure of a costume jewelery shop comprises:

- Showcases for exhibitions, exhibitors.

- Cabinets with drawers for storing stock parts.

- Service desk, packaging.

- Computer, printer, POS.

- Gondolas for jewelry.

The necessary equipment, as well as the quantity of them, will be guided by the desired business structure.

The entrepreneur can purchase his parts directly from the factory or from an authorized distributor. It is interesting to have a wide variety of items to increase the chances of pleasing customers, and in a costume jewelry store, the following pieces can not be missing:

- Rings, earrings, chokers.

- Pendants, bracelets, bracelets.

- Belts, necklaces, bags.

- Brooches, anklets and the like.

- Tiaras and accessories for hair.

How to open a company

The entrepreneur must pay attention to a series of measures before opening his company. An accountant can carry out the making of the company's articles of incorporation in a safe manner by performing:

  • Registration in the commercial board.
  • Registration with the Federal Revenue Office to obtain a CNPJ number.
  • Registration in the city hall of the municipality to obtain a license of operation.
  • Framework within the union.
  • Registration with Caixa Econômica Federal in the social connectivity system - for purposes of INSS and FGTS.
  • Request a license from the fire department for operation.
  • Request for authorization to print an invoice with SEFAZ (Secretary of the farm).

Special Tips for New Business

Today everything is closer and easier due to the high technologies. In addition to the bureaucratic part related to the documentation required to establish itself as a company, there is also the challenge of being able to launch or not, in fact in the market. However, it is still possible to organize to set goals, towards success. Just have initiative, perseverance and courage!

It is necessary to seek information before diving headlong into a new investment to ensure a promising future for the new company. Make a good business plan and empower yourself in the intended area.

Define a customer

How to Build a Jewelry Shop

A company only keeps running on behalf of customers. When the entrepreneur puts himself in their shoes, he can easily identify his needs and see what needs to be improved in his business to better serve. The important thing is to clearly and objectively define your target audience. This ensures focus and expertise in a particular industry.

The premise is basic: it is worth more to be a specialist in one activity and guarantee success by offering the best service, the best product than being medium in various sectors or activities.

Specific pricing

This process is very important for the company, as it helps maximize the production capacity of your company, ensuring that it flows with greater security of billing.

Check out our text on product pricing.

Economic viability

With the economic viability it is possible to verify and obtain projection on the behavior of a company inserted in the market.

Economic viability assesses the conditions for a business to become profitable.

Check out our full article on economic viability.

And be sure to check out the best spreadsheets in Excel to help you manage a jewelry shop!

Useful spreadsheets for jewelry shops.

Strategic Planning Worksheet 

Every company struggles to be able to implement its strategies and win in the market. With our spreadsheet, you'll be able to stay focused on your business and keep track of whether your plan is working through goals and action plans. Automatically, you will receive reports pointing to what is working and where you need to improve!

Corporate Control Spreadsheet for 2 stores + Personal Financial Control

Worksheet made to carry out the financial control of two companies so that the user can clearly see the financial situation of the two units separately. In addition, the worksheet is integrated with a personal financial control.

Retail Management Worksheet

The Retail Management worksheet gives the customer a daily follow-up of all of their store flow. By synthesizing information through the use of graphical tools, this worksheet essentially serves as an instrument for monitoring performance measures related to sales.

Price Training Sheet for Resale

This worksheet contains all the structure necessary for those who work with product resellers. You will be able to control your purchases and also see the margin of each product sold!

Benchmarking worksheet

With the benchmarking worksheet, you can raise the most important attributes for your business, compare with your competitors and understand where your business can improve.


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