How to set up a supplement store: learn how to plan

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If you are thinking about starting a business and have an affinity with the gym and bodybuilding world, investing in a food supplement store is a promising path.

In the last few years, the search for supplementation has been growing a lot. Whether because it aims at muscle hypertrophy, weight loss or simply the replacement of nutrients. Those who exercise regularly become consumers of supplements.

Every day there are more followers to the search for a healthy life and far from sedentarism. So, working with supplement sales will bring more and more opportunities e profitability.

If you are interested in opening this business style, follow with us and we will answer all your questions about how to start a successful store.

Plan yourself: what will your supplement store look like?

The first step is research a lot about the market you are about to enter and everything it needs. Define, using a business plan, what will your store be.

Think about what your goals are, what products or services you will provide and who will consume them. Do not be afraid to modify some of the initial thoughts to adapt your business to the region in which you intend to install it.

Financially, think about how much needs to be invested in the store at first. Also consider what your monthly spend will be to maintain the store and how much your monthly income will be. Finally, calculate how long it will take you to get back everything you invested.

Having this planning, both human and financial, is essential for the success of your business. Aim for the best that your establishment can be, but always be careful not to take steps longer than your legs.

Who will be your consumer?

Think about anyone looking for dietary supplementation. Usually, people who attend gym or sports centers, with an average age of 20-30 years.

Draw this public-bowel according to the specificities of your region it is very important to help you choose an ideal location (where are these consumers?) and also what products you should be working with (how much do these consumers invest in supplements?).

What will be the location?

Once you understand who will attend your store, think about environments that are present in the routine of these potential consumers.

You can think of installing your store near a gym or even next to a gym, for example. Location that would allow your consumer to work out and already buy in your trade.

You can also think of regions of the city where your target audience works or resides, always focusing on being in an easily accessible place.

Also consider the physical space you need. Don't look for very small rooms, where you won't be able to organize your products. And not too big, where you will need to invest a lot to fill the space.

What structure is needed?

For a simple store, you will need:

  • Product display shelves;
  • Box furniture;
  • Computer;
  • Credit card machine;
  • Printer;
  • Telephone;
  • WC;
  • Office (which may be outside the physical space of the store);
  • Space for stock.

Which products should you work with?

First, think about whether your store will only sell supplements. You can also invest in other products, such as natural foods or weight training equipment.

Directing only to supplements, first seek to always have the most sought after. Whey protein, BCAA, Creatine and other famous products should not be lacking in your establishment.

Look for suppliers consistent with your purchasing need. Acquire in online stores can be a good way, buy Spartan Whey Protein - for example - allows you to have a fair price and do not need large stocks.

To know the physical suppliers that serve your region is also valid. That way, you can negotiate prices and facilitate the delivery of your products.


How to advertise your supplement store?

Working on marketing strategies is essential to boost the business. Nowadays, focusing on social networks is quite promising.

Even before opening, include your stores in the main virtual environments. Promote content that brings relevant information to your potential customers. Talk about the importance of supplementation, physical activity and gender issues.

You can also invest in partnerships disclosure. Try to enter projects with gyms or nutritionists who can recommend your store to your target audience.

If it is financially viable for you, plan an event inauguration from the store. Inviting professionals in the field of bodybuilding or health in general. Making a positive first impression is very important.

What documentation is required to open the store?

  • Social contract;
  • Registration with the Board of Trade and Social Security;
  • Firefighters' license and health surveillance;
  • CNPJ;
  • Business license;
  • State registration.

By following all these steps, the chances of you being successful with your supplement store are much greater. Don't forget to research and plan a lot before putting your dream into practice.

With the right products, the right location and the right marketing, your supplement store will take off for success!


Excel Spreadsheets


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