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To undertake
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Contrary to what many people think, the life of an entrepreneur is not a bed of roses, especially that of a beginner.

Therefore, knowing how to plan correctly and pre-guide an investment is essential for those who do not want to take a loss right away and do not become hostage to an unthinking decision and a careless action.

And in this context, there is innovation. Innovation is present in all areas, in leisure, in education and even in the areas of health, as with dentistry and its procedures, such as dental contact lens - which is even quite high today.

However, investing in innovation is only the beginning. Meven a very good idea has a chance of going wrong. Just as the market is demanding, so are your future customers.

So don't be discouraged, but don't be fooled either. With a good idea, good planning and a good execution strategy, success will be achieved!

So, learn how to undertake without fear

Perform a market analysis and test before

Analysis and prior market testing are essential to avoid being disappointed early on. This evaluation will give you a sense of how the demand for the services you offer is, the result tends to be your minimum viable product (MVP).

It is due to the result captured that the market and audience will be predicted after taking the idea off the paper.

It is important that steps are taken gradually at this stage. Not overdoing it at the beginning is very important, as it will help you mature and better understand your entrepreneurial side.

In this part you should focus on your learning, seeking to know more about the world of entrepreneurship and practicing to fix this knowledge. There are several courses in this field available on the internet and they will be of great foundation.

In addition, shaping your behavior patterns can also be an option. Its entry into the entrepreneurship starts in your construction as an entrepreneur, so nothing better than investing in your training and positioning.

It is by conducting market analysis and testing that you will receive feedback and begin to differentiate a good strategy from a bad one.

Nothing prevents you from making money even in the first phase.

Have a financial reserve for future investments

The market, no matter the area, has its inconsistencies, and it is because of this that it is always good to prevent yourself in case of unforeseen future situations.

If working as an employee we have to be careful, even more so as the owner of your own business.

With that, always keep in mind these fluctuations, problems and reserve money, especially for the initial investment. Saving for 6 months may be enough.

In addition, it is relevant that even with a considerable reserve of money, do not spend on very extravagant things in the beginning, unless your type of business has this profile.

During the planning and depending on the size of the business, establishing initial capital is necessary.

Do not spend on things that are out of your plan, take your planning seriously and do not throw away your autonomy, losing control of the situation can bring various damages and regrets.

Undertake without fear and don't be ashamed of going back to the beginning

Even though most damage can be avoided, there are unforeseen events. There are countless variables to be aware of within a company, but not everything depends on you to succeed.

So it is important to recognize when something is out of control and to return home when necessary. Persisting in error is the worst choice to make.

Withdrawal is also not an option in these situations, however, it is up to you to analyze the opportunities that are available and the best market strategy.

The business may stagnate, but nothing prevents you from changing your course of action, changing the company's view or starting from scratch.

Look for a good accountant

undertake accountant

The idea is yours, but it does not indicate that you should work alone, and the various bureaucracies when opening a business can be discouraging.

Therefore, hiring the service of a good accountant can be the ideal option to give you more time to focus on other aspects, as well as giving greater peace of mind.

The accountant is responsible for organizing and evaluating the documents necessary to open a business. It is this professional who indicates the best tax regime and the best ways to maintain the administrative and financial organization.

A good accountant is essential to offer greater speed and avoid problems with the tax authorities.

Don't use excuses not to invest in marketing

Even more so today, the marketing it is extremely relevant to the best condition of a business in the market, not limited to large companies.

Whether through traditional marketing on the streets, or through digital marketing in actions and campaigns through social networks and websites, it is through these strategies that visibility, relevance and recognition are gained.

And if you don't know how to position yourself in terms of marketing, there are agencies specializing in marketing for large and small companies that can help you increase the number of customers.

At the beginning, this is even more important, since disclosure will call attention to openness.

Therefore, it is by coupling precise planning, selected strategies and efficient marketing actions that a promising enterprise starts.

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