How To Build a Real Estate Agent

How To Build a Real Estate Agent
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A company that deals with sales and leases of houses, apartments, land and rooms, is known as real estate, as it acts in the real estate market by intermediating and administering leased and sold real estate.

The owner of the real estate leaves them to the care of the real estate so that it can offer them for sale or lease, according to the prior interest mentioned by the client. The billing of a real estate is through the payment of the owner of a property that pays a commission to the real estate for the sale or rental of each property and its administration.

Advantages and disadvantages

How To Build a Real Estate Agent

The furniture branch is in the expansion phase, and with the increase of the population, the number of people interested in buying or renting a property has grown constantly.

For those who wish to invest in real estate by setting up a real estate, know that the moment is right.

According to INFOMONEY, experts in the industry are considering the rise in the price of the square meter and that the sector will live a recovery phase over the years.

The population has overcome the financial crisis, having a direct impact on the improvement of the economy. With that the search for real estate by the people, increased.

Information shows that the sale of residential real estate grew about 10%, and the trend is to continue to progress.

Every venture has its risks, so it is necessary that the entrepreneur of the branch observe some points not to be at the loss.

The question of sale and lease of real estate may not happen quickly as the entrepreneur expects, but while the property is not rented or sold, the entrepreneur will have to bear the costs of the property. In the meantime, devaluation can also occur if the municipality builds nearby public works, or if it increases the frequency of robberies and assaults in the vicinity.

These are issues to be previously thought by those who intend to invest in the industry.

Estimated initial capital

How To Build a Real Estate Agent

The investment of an enterprise depends on the size of the business it intends to open, on the structure desired and on the place where it will be set.

SEBRAE estimates that to open a small real estate, it is necessary around R $ 78.000,00. The expenses would be apportioned in:

- Equipment and furniture R $ 41.000,00.

- Property adequacy R $ 15.000,00.

- Working capital R $ 22.000,00.

Challenges of the market

All types of business contain many challenges in their course, each with its own particularities, but all of them have encountered difficulties at some point. Constant dedication of the professionals involved helps organize and conduct business effectively.

Competition exists, and often can be disloyal to your company. Be prepared to face setbacks and fallacies, with ethical and professional stance.

Offering several options that are relevant to the client, within what the same demand, can help you in effecting the sale or the lease. Be prepared to give an opinion and indicate the best property.

It is very interesting that a real estate has a website containing all available properties for sale and lease with their respective values. Most successful real estate companies use this tool to attract even more customers and gain visibility to the public.

This branch requires proactivity of the entrepreneur, who will have to meet the demands at the most unusual times and occasions.

How To Build a Real Estate Agent

How To Build a Real Estate Agent

To open a real estate, it is necessary for the entrepreneur to make a business plan with all the steps of the intended project. The document should contain the structure of the business as a whole, as well as the objectives to be achieved.

The business plan also serves for the entrepreneur to predict the possible risks and to guard against them.

If the owner of the business is to act as a broker in the real estate and if he is to hire third parties must keep in mind that they must have the title of technician in real estate transactions and be duly registered in the CRECI (Regional Council of Realtors of the region).


The place where the business will be installed is very important for it to be successful.

Places with great flow of people, shopping centers are great options to settle down, gain visibility of the public and make yourself known.

The site should be defined taking into account the audience you want to reach, for example: there are real estate that focuses on college students and end up building an extension, but smaller real estate, close to university centers, ensuring the clientele and bringing comfort to this type of audience.


The equipment used in a real estate will be of an administrative nature, for the reception, general and financial services sectors such as:

- Tables and chairs.

- Counter for service, software for real estate management.

- Printers, calculating machines.

- Computers, telephones, camera.

- File for hanging folders, cabinets for document organization.

- Air conditioning, water cooler, cup holder.

- Cash drawer and debit card machine.


How To Build a Real Estate Agent

The object of a real estate is the provision of services, where it is responsible for intermediating the sale and lease relationships between property owners and customers interested in them.

In this type of business, the real estate owner transfers these assets to the real estate agent to administer. Among these goods are:

- Houses.

- Apartments.

- Land, commercial rooms.

- Farms, farms.

- Lots, shops and buildings.

How to open a company

The entrepreneur must pay attention to a series of measures before opening his company. An accountant can carry out the making of the company's articles of incorporation in a safe manner by performing:

  • Registration in the commercial board.
  • Registration with the Federal Revenue Office to obtain a CNPJ number.
  • Registration in the city hall of the municipality to obtain a license of operation.
  • Framework within the union.
  • Registration with Caixa Econômica Federal in the social connectivity system - for purposes of INSS and FGTS.
  • Request a license from the fire department for operation.
  • Request for authorization to print an invoice with SEFAZ (Secretary of the farm).

Real estate companies must be duly registered with CRECI, as well as their brokers, who must also be registered in the same council. It is also up to the entrepreneur to check the following laws:

- Law no. 6.530 from 12 May 1978.

- Decree no. 81.871 from 26 June 1978.

- Law no. 8.078 from 11 September 1990, Consumer Protection Code (CDC).

Special Tips for New Business

Today everything is closer and easier due to the high technologies. In addition to the bureaucratic part related to the documentation required to establish itself as a company, there is also the challenge of being able to launch or not, in fact in the market. However, it is still possible to organize to set goals, towards success. Just have initiative, perseverance and courage!

It is necessary to seek information before diving headlong into a new investment to ensure a promising future for the new company. Make a good business plan and empower yourself in the intended area.

Define a customer

How To Build a Real Estate Agent

A company only keeps running on behalf of customers. When the entrepreneur puts himself in their shoes, he can easily identify his needs and see what needs to be improved in his business to better serve. The important thing is to clearly and objectively define your target audience. This ensures focus and expertise in a particular industry.

The premise is basic: it is worth more to be a specialist in one activity and guarantee success by offering the best service, the best product than being medium in various sectors or activities.

Specific pricing

This process is very important for the company, as it helps maximize the production capacity of your company, ensuring that it flows with greater security of billing.

Check out our text on product pricing.

Economic viability

With the economic viability it is possible to verify and obtain projection on the behavior of a company inserted in the market.

Economic viability assesses the conditions for a business to become profitable.

Check out our full article on economic viability.

And be sure to check out the best spreadsheets in Excel to help you manage a real estate!

Useful Spreadsheets for Real Estate

Real Estate Appraisal Worksheet

Evaluate a specific property, compare it with others, and automatically generate a marketing appraisal (PTAM) opinion.

Real Estate Rental Control Sheet

Manage your real estate owners, tenants and real estate and manage rents, sales and accounts receivable for all operations. The worksheet automatically consolidates three control panels with the main indicators and graphs of real estate rental control of your real estate, one with a general analysis, another individual by owner and another of default.

Spreadsheet for Real Estate Rental 

Lease control, lease report, transfer to owner, real estate report, receipts, administrative fee, empty property cost management, control of personal and business expenses, reminder of contract maturity, reminder of commissions receivable and payable, calculator of interest, fines and readjustments, photo in the reports.

Spreadsheet for Real Estate Sales 

Controlling your relationship with the customer who has or has not purchased with you is key to building a name in the market and ensuring a flow of business.

Tenant Accounts Control Worksheet

Track payments for all bills your tenants need to pay and know exactly if someone is in default.

Control of real estate services

This Excel file brings the solution to the control of real estate services.
It allows the registration of a series of characteristics that facilitate negotiation management, such as real estate, owners and interested buyers. With the help of filters it is possible to see what is being rented or sold, who is interested, etc.


Excel Spreadsheets


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