How to Build a School

How to Build a School
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The desire to have one's own business is the dream of many people who seek autonomy and financial independence. But this dream demands a lot of dedication and discipline. And when it comes to setting up a school (which is our subject today), responsibility increases even more.

A school is a type of establishment formed by a group of teachers, students and employees, aimed at promoting collective education for children, young people and adults.

Advantages and disadvantages

How to Build a School

The entrepreneur who intends to open a school will have many school options to set up: kindergarten, elementary school, high school, language school, music school, among others. The entrepreneur can choose to open a franchise of a certain school network, or can invest in the idea itself.

The same will have to adapt your school according to the specific regulation of each one.

The chances of this kind of business working out are high, since over the years the population has increased and parents are even more worried and attentive to the education and safety of their children, making them seek a reliable school which provides quality education and the necessary protection for them.

In order to minimize the risks of the business going bankrupt, it is necessary for the entrepreneur to have time to manage a school and who has the aptitude to choose the best method of teaching, for this is an arduous task, in which much time and money is spent.

Profit from the outset will be difficult because the investment in a school is relatively high and the initial billing will cover all the initial expenses During the first years of activity, the entrepreneur will have to organize and take care to guarantee the financial health of the business and keep the business in full operation.

Estimated initial capital

The place where the school will be installed, the resources that will be offered, the factor that will make your school stand out from the others will serve as a basis to know how much everything will cost.

The type of school will directly impact the value of the initial investment.

There are many points to be made when it comes to initial investment, since it will have to be enough for site adequacy, furniture expenses, hiring of duly qualified employees to teach pre-defined courses or activities, costs with teaching materials, training of employees and working capital.

With an initial investment of R $ 2000.000,00 it is possible to set up a legal structure with all the necessary items to start school activities.

Market challenge

How to Build a School

Although schools are considered to be stable businesses, you have to keep an eye on competitors who also want a share of that market. Before choosing the place to settle, you need to know the direct competitors and what teaching options they offer. Try to establish your school away from the competition and before defining the type of education to offer, check the deficiencies of the desired region.

Being present, and knowing what happens inside the company on a day-to-day basis, studying the business periodically and not being afraid to work is fundamental for the entrepreneur who wants to succeed in the business.

How to open a school

Setting up a school is not one of the easiest tasks because of all the legal details and bureaucracies the business involves.

So as not to get lost early on, plan the whole operation, from the mental construction of the business to execution itself.

Define which teaching will be your flagship, the number of students you want to attend, the amount of tuition, the number of teachers and instructors who are properly qualified to hire. Everything must be thought of in a thorough way, so that there is no forgetting.

Every kind of school must have its operation authorized by the Education Department of the State of São Paulo or by the Education Department of the Municipality.

Schools are obliged to comply with a series of determinations required by the NAE (Educational Action Center), which includes verification of permits, hygiene and cleaning issues, covered area for carrying out activities, conservation of the site, among others.


The installation of all types of company must be regulated by the zoning law of the municipality.

For the type of business in question, location near middle to upper-class neighborhoods, large shopping centers that have good flow of people, are excellent options to set up. The place should be ample, as it will be composed of several classrooms, reception, recreation area, cafeteria, library, restrooms and the like.

Equipment and Suppliers

How to Build a School

 A school usually needs the following basic items:

- Tables, chairs, wallets, tables for classrooms, bookcases, books.

- Computers, overhead projectors, service desk.

- Cash drawer, debit card machine.

- Armchairs, kitchen utensils and machines.

Because it is a type of business that aims to provide services, a school will not need many suppliers. It will have to buy food and food to prepare the meals and snacks of students enrolled, cleaning products for maintenance of the place and other materials that are necessary to complement the provision of school services.

How to open a company

The entrepreneur must pay attention to a series of measures before opening his company. An accountant can carry out the making of the company's articles of incorporation in a safe manner by performing:

  • Registration in the commercial board.
  • Registration with the Federal Revenue Office to obtain a CNPJ number.
  • Registration in the city hall of the municipality to obtain a license of operation.
  • Framework within the union.
  • Registration with Caixa Econômica Federal in the social connectivity system - for purposes of INSS and FGTS.
  • Request a license from the fire department for operation.
  • Request for authorization to print an invoice with SEFAZ (Secretary of the farm).

We emphasize that free schools as a language school, for example, do not require the authorization of the official teaching authorities. The schools that provide certificates or diplomas at the end of the contest are for elementary, middle or vocational education must be duly authorized and comply with the legislations determined by the state and municipal departments of education.

The entrepreneur must verify the specific legislations of each state and municipality, in addition to LDB 9.394 / 96 (Law of Guidelines and Bases of National Education).

Special Tips for New Business

Today everything is closer and easier due to the high technologies. In addition to the bureaucratic part related to the documentation required to establish itself as a company, there is also the challenge of being able to launch or not, in fact in the market. However, it is still possible to organize to set goals, towards success. Just have initiative, perseverance and courage!

It is necessary to seek information before diving headlong into a new investment to ensure a promising future for the new company. Make a good business plan and empower yourself in the intended area.

Define a customer

How to Build a School

A company only keeps running on behalf of customers. When the entrepreneur puts himself in their shoes, he can easily identify his needs and see what needs to be improved in his business to better serve. The important thing is to clearly and objectively define your target audience. This ensures focus and expertise in a particular industry.

The premise is basic: it is worth more to be a specialist in one activity and guarantee success by offering the best service, the best product than being medium in various sectors or activities.

Specific pricing

This process is very important for the company, as it helps maximize the production capacity of your company, ensuring that it flows with greater security of billing.

Check out our text on product pricing.

Economic viability

With the economic viability it is possible to verify and obtain projection on the behavior of a company inserted in the market.

Economic viability assesses the conditions for a business to become profitable.

Check out our full article on economic viability.

And be sure to check out the best spreadsheets in Excel to help you manage a school!

Useful sheets for school management

School Tuition Control Sheet

In this worksheet you will control the payment of tuition for all students in your institution and will know exactly who is in default and who is in default, facilitating collections and financial management of your school month by month.

Indicators and Goals Management System Worksheet

This worksheet is a complete and automatic system for managing indicators, goals and past results. It allows you to compare indicators with each other, compare the results you have achieved with what you intended to achieve, and also to see if you are improving or getting worse year after year. In addition, you can create and track action plans to achieve your company's strategic objectives.

School Performance Management Worksheet

The School Performance Management worksheet is great for the school coordinator, as it shows the performance of each student, class, and subject.

School Report Card

Worksheet designed for teachers who want to quickly and easily calculate whether students will be approved at the end of the school year or not. The worksheet was created with five classes of students, and new classes can be added.

School Management Worksheet 

The school management worksheet is a spreadsheet that has the following functions:
1. Register the students.
2. Make payment registration enrollment, enrollment, gown and other charges.
3. Generate the nominal list automatically.
4. Make a tip payment registration, fine from January to December and generate invoice automatically.
5. Report automatic payment
6. Give detailed information of the recipes in Table and chart form each month.
7. And generate tariff per quarter.
It was created to assist the Administrative staff, general or financial director, administrative and financial secretary), to have a broader view regarding the financial position and control of the institution.


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