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How to Build a Barber Shop

How to Build a Barber Shop

Research has shown that the male beauty industry has been growing all over the world. And, probably, Brazil is the country where men have invested more in health and aesthetic care.

Following this trend of the market, the barber shops began to gain more and more space both in the center of the cities as in residential neighborhoods. While some are restricted to haircut and beard, others have offered varied services to please the growing public. Want to find out if this business is for you?

What is a barbershop?

The barber shop is the workplace of the so-called barbers, who traditionally take care of the beard, hair and mustache of the male audience. However, most of the establishment today is offering much more than the simple barber service.

Some barber shops provide other beauty and health services, such as moisturizing and hair dyeing, skin cleansing, manicure, pedicure, among others. Many of them are species of SPAs aimed at men and boys.

There is even a property that contains games such as snooker or cards, drinks, draft beer, sometimes even tattoo services. And several provide "Groom's Day" with special care and services for the groom and godparents on the Great Day.

How to Build a Barber Shop

Advantages of setting up a barbershop

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Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a barber shop is that, unlike a product or service that may fall out of fashion or be discontinued, men will always need to cut hair and shave. So, unless you are very skilled in blade handling, your customers will always need service.

One of the main benefits of being a barber is that you can work on your creativity. Because, even if most customers want a simpler cut or beard shape, there will always be one who wants something different and modern. This allows you to expand your skill as well as your portfolio.

Another advantage is that the barber is his own boss. Although it requires a lot, you can always control your schedules and expedient, choose customers, determine when your holiday will be etc.

And, of course, one of the cool things is the contact you have with the most diverse types of people. The barber is a social being who attends to his clients in moments of relaxation and relaxation.

So you can talk to a wide variety of clients about diversified subjects, be it personal projects, music, movies, or anything else - that does not generate controversy and discussion at the barbershop!

Challenges of setting up a barbershop

One of the disadvantages of being a barber is having to work standing up all the time. Your service essentially depends on you. It is a manual and handcrafted work, so it will be quite tiring.

Another difficulty the barber is essentially depends on the time invested in the work to receive. If you do not work, you will not receive. Of course this changes when you own the facility and hire employees to run the service. But in the beginning, you're usually the boss and the rest of the team.

And speaking in chief, you have full responsibility for what happens in your business. This includes the design of the beard and hair, as well as possible bruises, blemishes etc. And that does not depend on whether the service has been performed by you or another person on the team.

Also, although you can choose how long to work, the busier days will always be on weekends and holidays. So if you want to avoid these days, do not expect a very high return.

Lastly, as the market is increasingly growing, this means that potential customers have increased - but the competition is almost equal. So, get ready to master the service as well as the differentials of your business.

Estimated Initial Capital

According to Sebrae, the initial capital required for the viability of a barber shop varies from 20 to 40 thousand reais. This amount includes the costs to open the establishment as well as working capital to sustain it until it starts to generate profit.

This includes furniture, equipment and utensils (brushes, blades, dryers etc.), an initial stock of health and cosmetic products, mirrors, electronic devices (computer, telephone, modem etc.), reforms that may be necessary in the property , as well as accounting, advertising and architectural expenses.

The value variance is obviously linked to the size of the operation you intend to start. The larger the space and the greater the variety of services offered, the greater the estimated capital to make the business viable.

How to Build a Barber Shop

How to open a barbershop


The (mis) choice of location is a frequent factor for the closing of an operation. To define it successfully, you need to take into account the size of the business you want to start, the audience for which it is intended, and the price of the property (purchase or rent).

A good location always involves visibility, easy access and security. A barbershop needs to be installed in a crowded neighborhood, in the center of the city, in busy streets or near places with high flow of people, such as shopping malls, condominiums or supermarkets. It is also interesting that there is parking space nearby.

Still, it is important to note whether there are many competitors in the chosen region and the prices charged by the competition. Remember that your values ​​should be in agreement with the public of your barber shop - and the region where it is established will be preponderant in the pricing of services.

The property also needs to match the operation. In the case of a barber shop, for example, it is possible that there is peak service, such as on weekends. That means there needs to be a comfortable and pleasant space for those in the queue.

Make sure, therefore, if the property chosen holds everything you intend to offer in your establishment. And do not forget to check infrastructure, such as sewage, communication and transportation.


The structure of the barbershop will also depend on the size of the intended operation and the variety of products and services offered, as well as the number of professionals available.

A small establishment, for example, waits for reception. It may just be the answer space, plus a waiting area and a bathroom. For a more complete model, other environments may be required, such as reception, games space, storage, waiting room, TV room, parking, among others.

Finally, remember that lighting should be well planned as it will be essential for a good performance of the services, especially for details of the details of the cut and beard.

Top Suppliers

Its supplier group will basically consist of vendors and distributors of the essential raw materials of the barbershop. These are cosmetics and beauty products such as shaving cream, aftershave, moisturizer, shampoo, talcum powder, cotton, alcohol, tincture and conditioner (if you meet hair as well), plus tools like razors, razors , combs, brushes, shaving appliances, among others.

If you choose you can resell the products for customers to maintain the care at home, then you should also choose what kind of merchandise will be exposed to consumers.

Remember that the ideal is to turn inventory low, with a minimum quantity of goods stationary, to generate the least possible impact on your capital. Observe the validity of the products and the frequency of use to be programmed in the best possible way.

And never forget that the quality of the material you use in your services is directly related to customer satisfaction and the possibility of loyalty, especially. So, when choosing your raw material and suppliers, calculate cost-effectiveness with that in mind.

How to Build a Barber Shop

How to open a company

If you want your barber shop to receive the money and issue invoice, you must open your company legally. We have one post detailing each stage of the opening of a company, but here we will take advantage of to lists the main points:

  1. Creation of the Social Contract
  2. Registration at the Board of Trade
  3. Issuance of CNPJ and Choice of Activity
  4. Municipal and State Registration
  5. Operating Permits
  6. Licenças

Special Tips for New Businesses

As demonstrated, opening a barber shop is relatively simple and inexpensive. However, only those who face their entire business space will be able to survive and profit. So, I will list below some special tips for those who really want to undertake.

1) Define a SPECIFIC Customer Segment

As previously commented, there is no successful business that did not define well your area of ​​expertise and your target customer. You will have to fight for customers to come into your establishment and you will have to spend money on it. Do not fall into the error of speaking "Everyone is my clients", because this is the beginning of the end. Immerse yourself in this theme by reading our post market segmentation.

2) Create a Differentiation (Specialty)

By defining a specific segment, you'll be able to tweak your value offer by delivering something unique and memorable. For this, I recommend that you draw your Business model and also make your value curve! 

3) Calculate the Expected Return on your Business

"Whoever does not make the bill pays the bill." This is a maxim in the business world. Without estimating your desired return and what potential that your barbershop can bring, you will be adrift. For this you will need price your products very well and make a economic feasibility study of your project.

How to Build a Barber Shop

Spreadsheets for barbershops

Worksheet for the management of cosmetic centers: to help in their control and decision making. You register customers, professionals and services and have access to all the corresponding financial data.

Scheduling Worksheet: Know which customers have a scheduled time, how many calls were made on the day, week or month, know your clients' birthday in advance and track your company's billing.

Financial worksheet: make the financial, inventory, agenda and service management of your barber shop and see ready-made dashboards for each of these areas.

Administrative control worksheet: Organize the cash flow and finances of your barbershop and identify the strategic information of your business.


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