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A beverage depot is responsible for bringing the products manufactured by the bottling industries to the final consumer or to local businesses. It is not a type of business that aims to serve on a large scale.

The market in question has great potential for growth, we speak this by accompanying the numbers that speak for themselves. Currently about 10 billion liters of beer per year are marketed and consumed, and who is responsible for making this bridge between the manufacturer and consumer is the deposit of drinks, if you know how to work properly you could become a great distributor of beverages and increase their niche of acting by offering and offering products on a large scale.

 Advantages and disadvantages

How to set up a 1 Beverage Tank

As I mentioned before, the sector is on the rise, not only because of the high consumption of beers, the beverage depot will handle the most diverse types of beverages, be it water, soft drinks, juices, wines, alcoholic drinks and etc. And today the consumer is very loyal to the consumption of these products.

Brazil is the 4 largest producer of beers in the world and has more than 40 thousand factories spread all over the country. In terms of soft drinks, Brazil is in the 3 position, with a production of more than 10 billion liters per year. That is, there is a lot of product to circulate, and this is where a drink warehouse has its profit practically guaranteed.

Like all types of business, setting up a liquor store requires a lot of work on the part of the entrepreneur, although it is a simple business, it is necessary for the entrepreneur to be able to manage efficiently, to achieve the best results.

Generally speaking it is a great option for those who want to open their own business. Of course there are times when there are fewer sales. But still, it is possible to guarantee an average monthly billing between R $ 10.000,00 and R $ 25.000,00.

Estimated initial capital

The value required to set up this type of establishment will be defined taking into account the structure of the business that is intended to build, the capacity of the same and the products that will be offered.

To start, it is recommended to have a space of at least 300 m². For this structure specifically would be necessary from R $ 50.000 to R $ 80.000,00, but it is worth mentioning that you can start with a much lower value if you opt for a smaller deposit.

 Challenges of the market

How to set up a 2 Beverage Tank

Not to be left behind by the competition is necessary to be attentive to the strengths of the same, and maintain the pattern of your deposit. Because it deals with a variety of products, it is necessary that the entrepreneur has an excellent inventory control, and pay attention to the validity deadlines.

You must hire qualified personnel for the operational, commercial, financial and logistics sectors and as the business grows, it is interesting for the entrepreneur to hire outside salespeople, to invest in marketing and to offer home deliveries.

How to Open a Drink Tank

The business plan is essential to starting a business. It is in him that the future entrepreneur will put his ideas, his expectations of sales, forecasts of gains and expenses, the public that he intends to reach, the value necessary to invest, list of suppliers and any and all information relevant to the business, in order to reduce bankruptcy risks and maximize chances of success.


For this type of establishment specifically it is not necessary only to find a place that has a large circulation of people. Due to the great movement of the entrance and exit of vehicles to carry out loading and unloading, it must be an easily accessible place and preferably with an independent entrance to avoid traffic disturbances.

The place should contain good hygiene, quality in the electrical and hydraulic installations, as well as having a large space to organize drinks on pallets and be able to move them with a forklift if necessary.


How to set up a 3 Beverage Tank

The equipment needed for a good execution of the service, as well as the necessary quantity, will be guided by the capacity of the business as a whole. Here we list the equipment commonly used by beverage tanks:

- Desk, freezer, refrigerator.

- Loading cart, pallets.

- Forklifts, vehicle of load and delivery.

- Crates, shelves.

- Computer, invoice printer, common printer.

- Telephone, office supplies, cash drawer, card machines.


The beverage depots will have their list of suppliers made up of beverage manufacturers, such as beers, soft drinks, water, vodkas, whiskey, wines, energy and the like.

Partnership with suppliers is essential, since beverage deposits are the main sales channels of manufacturers where they provide deposit owners with sales support with signage materials and promotional campaigns.

How to open a company

The entrepreneur must pay attention to a series of measures before opening his company. An accountant can carry out the making of the company's articles of incorporation in a safe manner by performing:

  • Registration in the commercial board.
  • Registration with the Federal Revenue Office to obtain a CNPJ number.
  • Registration in the city hall of the municipality to obtain a license of operation.
  • Framework within the union.
  • Registration with Caixa Econômica Federal in the social connectivity system - for purposes of INSS and FGTS.
  • Request a license from the fire department for operation.
  • Request for authorization to print an invoice with SEFAZ (Secretary of the farm).

The entrepreneur should also pay attention to the following laws:

- Law 8.069 July 1990

- Federal Law No. 11.705 of June of 2008

- Law No. 9.294 of July of 1996.

- Code of Consumer Protection

Special Tips for New Business

Today everything is closer and easier due to the high technologies. In addition to the bureaucratic part related to the documentation required to establish itself as a company, there is also the challenge of being able to launch or not, in fact in the market. However, it is still possible to organize to set goals, towards success. Just have initiative, perseverance and courage!

It is necessary to seek information before diving headlong into a new investment to ensure a promising future for the new company. Make a good business plan and empower yourself in the intended area.

Define a customer

How to set up a 4 Beverage Tank

A company only keeps running on behalf of customers. When the entrepreneur puts himself in their shoes, he can easily identify his needs and see what needs to be improved in his business to better serve. The important thing is to clearly and objectively define your target audience. This ensures focus and expertise in a particular industry.

The premise is basic: it is worth more to be a specialist in one activity and guarantee success by offering the best service, the best product than being medium in various sectors or activities.

Specific pricing

This process is very important for the company, as it helps maximize the production capacity of your company, ensuring that it flows with greater security of billing.

Check out our text on product pricing.

Economic viability

With the economic viability it is possible to verify and obtain projection on the behavior of a company inserted in the market.

Economic viability assesses the conditions for a business to become profitable.

Check out our full article on economic viability.

And be sure to check out the best spreadsheets in Excel to help you set up a drink warehouse!

Useful spreadsheets for beverage tanks

Inventory Control Worksheet

Register your suppliers and employees, record all the inflows and outflows of your inventory by distribution center and have total control of your inventory, do product specific reviews and see ready dashboards showing you the relevance of the top products in your inventory!

Strategic Planning Worksheet 

Every company struggles to be able to implement its strategies and win in the market. With our spreadsheet, you'll be able to stay focused on your business and keep track of whether your plan is working through goals and action plans. Automatically, you will receive reports pointing to what is working and where you need to improve!

Complete Strategic Management Worksheet 

From analyzes such as SWOT and BCG, to Business Diagnostics and Strategic Planning, all in one Worksheet. The main tools of Strategic Management within a single file!

Supplier Evaluation Worksheet 

With this worksheet, you will register all the suppliers of your business, register quality of service criteria and monitor which are best serving you!

Business Plan Sheet

Plan a new business or restructure an existing business. With this worksheet, you will structure your project and objectively evaluate everything that is necessary to accomplish it!

Excel Spreadsheets


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