How to set up a pharmacy

How to set up a pharmacy
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The pharmacy is the type of business indispensable in the city's neighborhoods. It is a consumer-oriented establishment offering medicines for your health. In addition to medicines sold only on prescription, the pharmacy has a range of products displayed on gondolas and shelves for direct access to the public with over-the-counter products. Currently it is possible to find variable items in a pharmacy, such as cosmetics in general, toiletries, edible items and even perfumery.

Advantages vs. disadvantages

How to set up a pharmacy

Over the years people have increased their spending on pharmacies significantly. The biggest consumers of this type of business are the elderly who usually make constant use of medicines to treat the health problems that arise as age grows.

IBGE data show that life expectancy has increased year after year and the future projection indicates that this increase should continue to occur, thus ensuring customers for pharmacies.

The fact that pharmacies invest in product options ends up attracting the interested public in varieties, because they see in the pharmacy a convenience store, where you can find a multitude of products.

The main disadvantage of setting up a pharmacy will undoubtedly be to dribble the competition. It is currently possible to see at least two establishments in one block. In such cases, the products and services offered by the competitor must be planned and evaluated, such as home deliveries, payment terms and forms, injections, pressure gauging and the like. Finally, it is necessary to study the market completely, to obtain direction to make improvements.

Estimated initial capital

How to set up a pharmacy

Using the data provided by SEBRAE, the investment needed to set up a pharmacy of 100 m², is around R $ 160.000,00 considering the expenses used in furniture and office supplies, stocks, counters, renovations, computers, working capital and etc.

Market challenge

Being a branch that counts on very strong competition, it is necessary to innovate to fall in the taste of the parish and not go unnoticed.

Gain competitive advantage by investing in channels of direct communication with the public. Facilitate this contact through phones, emails, social networks, websites, real-time chats. The consumer looks for treatments for certain symptoms and seeks to discover the best option, and that is where you can win the customer for once, investing and making a pharmacist available to cure common doubts.

Be careful when orienting. Guidance is not prescription. Take care that your pharmacy is not subject to complaints and malicious people.

Have a virtual store from your pharmacy. People seek practicality on a day-to-day basis, and this can facilitate and count points at the time of sale.

Offer home delivery services, if possible, 24 hours, bringing convenience to the customer.

Have trained professionals for vaccine application, pressure gauging. This will attract even more customers to your pharmacy.

How to open a pharmacy

How to set up a pharmacy

The pharmaceutical entrepreneur must be innovative and know how to manage the risks of the business. And to be successful, it should not be limited to the sale of medicines, but rather complement with various products for personal hygiene, cosmetics in general, offering services and quality care, focusing on people's quality of life, contributing to improve their Cheers.


Most consumers before buying, take into consideration price, location and service.

The accurate location can be decisive for the pharmacy's billing. . Ensure that the chosen commercial spot has visibility, easy access to locomotion, is clean and safe.

Opt for places with great flow of people like urban terminals, shopping centers, hospitals and the like. Ensure that the space meets the minimum size required by health surveillance.


In the stage of purchasing the equipment for the pharmacy, the entrepreneur will use a large part of the investment. There will also be a lot of energy to research the numerous conditions of prices and payments, choosing the best offer and choosing the best cost / benefit and quality equipment.

Basically a pharmacy is equipped with shelves and gondolas, to organize and display products, customer service counters, complete box front system with computer, fiscal printer, bar code reader, card machines, air conditioning, telephone, furniture and office supplies in general.

Top suppliers

How to set up a pharmacy

Having medications to serve the client at the time of need is key. Knowing the medicines most used by people is a way to guide their purchases from suppliers. Pharmaceutical distributors and laboratories will be the main suppliers of a pharmacy because they sell medicines at a reduced price for the pharmacy to resell to the final consumer.

Second, Febrafarma the best-selling remedies in Brazil are: analgesics, anti-inflammatories, vitamin C, nasal decongestant, dermatological ointments, contraceptives, tranquilizers. That is, these medicines can not be missing in your pharmacy!

How to open a company

The entrepreneur must pay attention to a series of measures before opening his company. An accountant can carry out the making of the company's articles of incorporation in a safe manner by performing:

  • Registration in the commercial board
  • Registration with the Federal Revenue Office to obtain a CNPJ number
  • Registration in the city hall of the municipality to obtain a license of operation.
  • Framework within the trade union entity
  • Registration with Caixa Econômica Federal in the social connectivity system - for purposes of INSS and FGTS.
  • Request a license from the fire department for operation.
  • Request for authorization to print an invoice with SEFAZ (Secretary of the farm).

It is worth mentioning that to open a pharmacy, there are some legal requirements to be met, and they must have:

  • Authorization of Operation of the AFE. Issued by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency).

  • Special Authorization-AE. Issued by ANVISA. Document required only for Manipulation Pharmacies.

  • Certificate of Technical Regularity - CRT. Issued by regional pharmacy councils, CRF.

  • Health permit or sanitary permit. Issued by municipal, regional, or state health oversight agencies.

To ensure the quality of the pharmacy in general, the mentioned documents must be renewed annually. ANVISA also requires pharmacies to have a manual of best practices, which are copies of documents that describe all activities performed, responsibilities, training, discards and the like.

Special Tips for New Business

How to set up a pharmacy

When we hear about opening a company, it's all very practical in our minds. Although nowadays everything is much closer and easier due to the high technologies, besides the bureaucratic part regarding the documentation required to establish itself as a company, there is also the challenge of being able to launch or not, in fact in the market. However, it is still possible to organize to set goals, towards success.

Define a customer

How to Set Up a Stationery

Know and establish a consumer profile for your business. Customize-separates serving this profile in a differentiated way. Study your behavior, your shopping habits, as well as, income, age group, to better guide and base your sales strategies. Wanting to please Greeks and Trojans is not the best strategy!

Specific pricing

This process is very important for the company, as it helps maximize the production capacity of your company, ensuring that it flows with greater security of billing.

Check out our text on product pricing.

Economic viability

With the economic viability it is possible to verify and obtain projection on the behavior of a company inserted in the market.

Economic viability assesses the conditions for a business to become profitable.

Check out our full article on economic viability.

Pharmacy Sheets

Inventory Worksheet for Pharmacies and Hospitals

In this worksheet, you will find the main indicators of your inventory and the menu of access to all the features of the worksheet. The spreadsheet has a flap for each move. This way you can separately post all the entries and exits that you have in stock.

Inventory Control Worksheet

Register your suppliers and employees, record all the inflows and outflows of your inventory by distribution center and have total control of your inventory, do product specific reviews and see ready dashboards showing you the relevance of the top products in your inventory!

Sales Indicators Worksheet

Consolidate your sales indicators by vendors, products / services, regions, and business units with this worksheet. With it ready you can follow simple and objective dashboards of annual, monthly and comparative dashboards. Top of Form

Sales Control Sheet

The CDV Sales Control worksheet allows you to carry out product entry and exit entries up to 120.000. It is necessary that the register of all the products that are sold in your company, to have control over the quantity of the items sold. It allows a broader view of the production of your sellers.

Daily Cash Closing Worksheet

This worksheet allows the launch of daily sales, separated by card banners, with chart at the end and percentages.

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