Online business: How much does it cost to create an E-commerce store from scratch?

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Today, many entrepreneurs are thinking about migrating their business to online, creating E-commerce store platforms, which meet the needs of their customers.

With the limitations on our freedom of movement, stemming from this worldwide pandemic, e-commerce and the importance of having a good presence and online store will increase greatly in the coming months and even years.

So, you may be wondering how much it costs to create an online store? Now, if a few years ago there was a need for investment in programming and a professional team, to create an online store of quality, today such a large budget is no longer necessary.

In fact, and with the increase in the number of digital entrepreneurs and the natural demand for a very large online business presence, more and more national and international platforms are emerging so that you can move forward and create your own E-commerce store.

What is the price to proceed with the creation of an online store?

This is the question that is being asked by many digital entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with more traditional businesses, as there is a real need to reach people with quality. Especially now that these customers and potential customers are confined to their homes.

However, as you can see in our detailed article, the final price for creating your online store will depend a lot on the size of the site, your needs and what you expect to be able to receive from the service. You can go from a few reais a month, to plans for hundreds of reais a month.

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First, you will have to decide whether you want to create your website or E-commerce store based on pre-defined templates, or on the contrary, you prefer to have the option of personalizing your website, back-up and other important features, as is the case means of payment.

You can also, if you have a larger budget, opt for open source CMS, which will provide greater freedom for you to reach the final result of your E-commerce store. For this very reason, it is essential that you make a detailed plan, even before moving on to a service or platform for creating online stores.

How can I create the E-commerce store in an accessible and fast way?

If you have a somewhat limited budget, but still want to offer your customers the most responsive, elegant and professional online store possible, you can choose from many of the website builders and E-commerce stores present online. But what is the initial investment required to take the first step?

These are some of the most prominent online creation platforms in Brazil, with the respective prices in their most accessible plans:

Loja Integrada

With a free plan, but also a minimum paid plan of only 49 reais per month, you will have access to many of the advantages and tools that make the “Integrated Store” the website builder, for E-commerce stores, most used by Brazilian entrepreneurs.

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In addition to being a platform entirely in Portuguese, you will be paying not only for the website editing platform, but also for hosting. For beginning digital entrepreneurs, they can create their online store completely free here, and can receive up to 5 visits monthly. You will also be able to add applications, to further improve your online store.


This is the most popular online store creation platform in the world, and it is also a major highlight in Brazil. With hundreds of templates already designed and built so that you can create stylish, professional and highly converting online stores, you won't need more than an hour for your store to be ready to go online.

With its “grab and put” system, you will have no difficulty in modifying and editing your web pages, so that they can meet your online business. Your plans, to create your online store without hiring programmers or designers, could start at $ 29, having already a natural integration of various applications and advantages for an online store.

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It is important to note, however, that Shopify is one of the few platforms that charges a percentage for each sale you make at your store. However, your dashboard is of excellent quality, so you will get useful information about the traffic and behavior of visitors to your E-commerce store.

Wix Stores

Also very popular in Brazil, with Wix Stores you no longer have to worry about commissions that will be charged for each sale you make. Here, you will only be paying the price of the plan per month, which can start at 50 reais per month. It should be noted that in this plan you will be entitled to receive a domain, chosen by you, free for one year.

Online business: How much does it cost to create an E-commerce store from scratch? 3

The advantage of Wix Stores is that here you will not need any programmers or specialists to be able to put your E-commerce on the air yourself, with all the quality you need. There are dozens and dozens of high quality templates, from which you can choose one that best suits your model and business strategy.

In addition, and in order to creatively retain your customers, you will have access to the creation of coupons and other programs and online marketing strategies, such as email marketing. You will thus be much closer to your customers with Wix Stores. Also enjoy the free period of up to 14 days on this platform, without restrictions or obligations!

What are the factors to increase the quality of your online store?

Now that you know more about some of the plans and prices of the most recognized and used E-commerce platforms by Brazilian digital entrepreneurs, it is crucial to understand how to determine whether this platform is ideal for your online business or not.

That way, and after your in-depth planning and detecting what you need most for the E-commerce store to meet your needs, as well as your customers, these are other factors that cannot be forgotten when creating and completing your online store:

Customizing your online store

Always opt for a platform that gives great freedom for you to personalize web pages. Remember that your online store must be well structured and credible. Only then will you be able to achieve the desired results in the long run.

Payment management and methods

Your goal is to be able to make your visitor's experience as pleasant as possible. So, set up your online store with as many secure payment methods as possible, such as Paypal. In addition, good management in the back office is essential to make the most of your business and learn about the behavior of your potential customers.

SEO optimization and good practices

If your budget remains small, even after the online store is created, know that a good SEO job, on all your web pages, is essential for you to be able to attract maximum quality organic traffic to your store. With good SEO practices, you can save fortunes in advertising and marketing budget.

Applications and add-ons

Choose an online platform that allows you to add applications, which clearly will improve your business and make your online store more appealing and functional. Since templates are often not enough, these additions will make you stand out, at the same time that your online store will gain much greater credibility for all the leads that are arriving in your E-commerce.

How can an online store take your business to the next level?

Em crisis times and a lot of uncertainty, being proactive and making sure that your business can reach your potential customers with quality, who will be at home, could be the natural response for many companies, which unfortunately still had a weak online presence.

The good news is that, as can be concluded in this article, the solutions for Brazilian entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, even with a reduced budget, are more than many to create their E-commerce stores.

Contrary to what many may believe, it is no longer necessary to make large investments to hire professionals and even programmers to reach the desired result in a few days, or even a few hours.

So choose an E-commerce platform that offers all the features and tools you need. In a price range that can be fixed at 20 to 100 reais per month, you can now have your online store on the air, with your products or services exposed, on web pages specially built so that your customer has the most professional, interactive and reliable as possible.

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