4 tips for making your daily cash flow

4 tips to make your daily cash flow
Learn how to make your cash flow
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Whether or not using a spreadsheet, it is important that you know how to make your daily cash flow. If you choose not to use this method, keep in mind what you need to note to control your cash.

Basically, you will need to keep an eye on the following information:

  • Appetizer;
  • Outputs;
  • Final daily balance;
  • Profit.

But before we explain these important tips. You need to understand what exactly is daily cash flow. Thus, you will avoid future errors in your accounting.

Daily cash flow concept

The concept of daily cash flow it's pretty easy. Since it is a means of analyzing your available balance and thus facilitating your balance sheet. But for it to really make a difference and help you, you need to write down your entries, exits and results.

None of this can be estimated, inform the right amount and noted every day. As the name implies, the flow is closed daily.

Cash Flow: What is it and how to do it in a simple way?

Daily cash flow, how to do?

A daily cash flow spreadsheet it will require a lot of dedication and knowledge of your business. But that doesn't mean that you can't do it or that you have to skip this step.

This tool will help your company to grow more and more if it is always updated. Everything right so far?

After understanding the whole concept and the importance of this operation for your business, it's time to check out the tips that we have separated for you.

1. Separate inputs and outputs into categories

Leave the inputs and outputs of your cash flow not to confuse. If the information is exchanged or confused, its final result will undergo changes that could have serious damage in the future.


To have better control of your box control daily, it is indicated that further divide your outlets.

Divide the outputs into: expenses with raw materials, travel, commission on products or sales, loans, salaries, accounts and taxes. Keep in mind that these expenses may vary depending on the establishment, so there is no exact formula.

These are the two main items for controlling any cash flow type. That is, you use them in the model operational, monthly, simple e até discounted!

2. Record the inputs and outputs

After sorting the entries and exits on your daily cash flow spreadsheet, it is time to record this data. The correct entry of entries and exits is an important factor for the financial control and for future interpretations.

If something is wrong or not registered, you will not be able to identify whether your venture is really healthy or generating the profit you need.

3. Identify the final daily balance

The final balance is one of the pieces of information that you must look at, since it is responsible for showing how much money you have in cash at the end of the day.

As every day starts with a starting balance, from the previous day, all you have to do is add all the entries for the day and decrease all exits with this value. The final amount found will be the result of your final daily balance.

4. Understand how profit is generated

The daily cash flow profit is the sale value less the costs involved. So, if you sell a product that costs R $ 15 and sell for R $ 25, your profit was R $ 10 reais.

But, subtracting the cost of raw materials is not enough. In order for your product to be ready for sale, it is necessary to consider the work to develop it.

Therefore, in order to be able to identify the profit in your daily cash flow spreadsheet, it is necessary to consider all expenses for the month and decrease by the amount generated from sales.

And know that there are two concepts of profit used: net and gross.

  • Net profit: it is the total revenue of your establishment - variable costs + fixed costs. Here taxes paid can also be considered.
  • Gross profit: it does not take into account fixed production costs, such as taxes, room rental and employee salaries.
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