4 tools that make remote work easier

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Has organizing the team in the home office style been challenging? Discover 4 tools that make working at a distance easier.

One of the biggest changes caused by the new coronavirus pandemic was the way we work. Many companies had to move their operations to a remote scheme, coordinating the team through the Internet and the smartphone.

If the home office routine it is not being easy, some tools can help you in this task. Discover 4 tools that make working at a distance easier.

PDF editor for Android and iOS

Sharing documents among professionals is a common situation. With the smartphone in hand, just download the application to open PDF to view the file information. But what if the goal is, in addition to opening PDF, to make an edit? In this case, you will need a more complete tool and the suggestion is the PDFelement.

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PDFelement image

O PDFelement is the best program to open PDF and make edits for the computer, but it also has a free app version for Android and iOS.

As with the desktop version, when you download an application to open PDF you have at hand a number of other features, which allow you to insert comments, delete parts of the document and share with others.

The application to open PDF is very useful for companies that work with contracts or reports. If each professional on your team downloads an application to open PDF, sharing information will be much more secure and practical. Because it is very light, the app does not affect the performance of the smartphone.

Organization and control of tasks

The platform Trello it is already an old acquaintance of several companies, but it is a novelty for those who were not used to working in digital. It is a website for project management, in which it is possible to insert tasks and identify those responsible for each of them, with delivery time and a system of steps.

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For the home office, it is especially useful because it allows you to have a view of the whole, controlling what each team member is doing. The automatic warning feature when the delivery deadline approaches makes the members of a project always attentive.

It has a free version, so you don't have to make an investment to organize your company's tasks.

Video calls

Not every meeting can be resolved in an email. For this type of situation, video calls are able to break barriers and put several people in contact simultaneously. O Google Meet it is the videoconferencing tool most used by companies, since the entire use process is simple: just create a room, generate the link, send the invitation to the participants and start chatting.

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Google Meet has always been part of G Suite, a paid package from Google. However, since social isolation began, the brand released the features and the premium version for all users, by July 1st. Among the superior resources are the access of up to 250 people in the same meeting and online transmissions for 100 thousand spectators.

Control of hours worked

One of the biggest difficulties reported by the entrepreneurs is the lack of control over the hours of the team's professionals. If before everyone was operating at the same time in a room, with the home office adaptations had to be made.

A good way to keep track of hours worked is the Toggl platform, which has a Web version, software and app.

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Toggl image

In Toggl, the user can identify when he started and when he completed a task. The platform allows integration with other sites, such as Trello. Thus, it is possible to inform in each project how much time was spent by the team members. The program also offers a report, showing which activities were spent more or less hours.

An extra advantage of Toggl is that it helps with pricing, ideal for companies that offer services. Thus, you will be able to understand how much time you need in each function and even realize that the price is not suitable for the dedicated effort.

A new way of working

A situation like the one we are facing is completely new, but it can be useful to think about new ways of working. If even digital signature is being used to close important contracts, think about how many other activities can be adapted for the online world.

Fortunately, the Internet is at our disposal, to facilitate all tasks, whether it be with an application to open PDF or hold a meeting via video.

Certainly, many businesses will discover working methods that will continue after coronavirus, due to the practicality and economy that digital resources offer.

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