5 Organizational Tips for Your Enterprise

5 Organizational Tips for Your Enterprise
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Have you heard that sometimes it's better to have a hard worker in your enterprise than having a talented employee? This maxim tries to show that the organization and corporate culture of a company they must come before personal decisions and interests.

In fact, while technology and financial resources are indispensable, today we live in the age of intangible assets, where the greatest wealth a company can have is its collaborative team in terms of human potential.

This is where the notion of organizational / corporate culture arises. Some brands define their principles as being true “commandments,” that is, maxims that will determine the daily lives of each person, from the board to the reception.

However, by simply defining the terms, we see that it is not easy to achieve such a goal.

That's why we have separated the 5 golden rules from the formulation and application of a culture that wants to bring scalable and sustainable growth to any business.

1 - Mission, vision and values ​​are enough in an enterprise?

First of all, you need to have a short, medium and long term optics. Defining “mission, vision and values” is important.But it is necessary to go beyond mere words.

Founders have the entrepreneurial spirit that is typical of entrepreneurs, and need to imbue the company culture with examples of leadership and overcoming.

The truth of the "10 Commandments" of a business will appear in the routine and especially in the posture of the most strategic positions that will shape the most operational.

This is so true for a business which is starting in the area of fast document delivery, as is true of an international delivery company, for example. Moreover, the first will only reach the second level if it meets these criteria.

2 - People Sharing the Same Ideal

5 Organizational Tips for Your Enterprise

Besides starting with the broader horizon of the entrepreneur, it is essential to know how to align expectations with other team members.

As good as a leader is, he cannot be everywhere at once. Therefore, know how to delegate functions It includes several qualities, ranging from goodwill to patience.

It is therefore important to work with people who share the same ideals and beliefs.

A casting model agencyFor example, it needs to have very firm principles about professionalism and ethics as it deals with many people's dream life.

Any profile misaligned with company culture needs to be avoided.

3 - Endomarketing and Communication

While the general principles of a venture and an aligned team are important, this does not always guarantee success. For one simple reason: the weight of routine and daily life.

Therefore, it is important to maintain constant communication. Meetings are the quintessential model for how to secure it, and can be weekly or even daily chats.

However, nowadays endomarketing goes far beyond that, and already includes a number of possibilities such as:

  • Research with collaborators;
  • Lectures, workshops, cafes and the like;
  • Promotion of courses and training;
  • Travel and recreational activities;
  • Benefit policies;
  • Among other points.

The important thing is that the relationship between strategy and operation is continuous, and that no "loose end" makes someone start to go against the team.

4 - Defining Career Plans

5 Organizational Tips for Your Enterprise

What the corporate world has come to realize is that corporate growth goes through the growth of each employee as an individual.

Each professional has their own pace of development, and this needs to be respected.

In the area of express delivery service, for example, An employee can start in the most operational departments, and gradually take on broader and more strategic roles.

Thus, without an efficient and honest definition of the career plans, no company can grow in the market.

Indeed, today most professionals are looking for this, and tend to be dissatisfied when there is no growth horizon.

5 - Planning and Control

The organizational culture of an enterprise needs to get out of paper, or it will show that it was badly done.

What it seeks is a well-defined horizon, increased productivity, greater employee engagement, retaining talent and so on.

The best way to ensure that such planning is taking place is through accurate metrics, measurements and analysis.

Today there is already a suite of software and management solutions that let you control everything what matters most with a few clicks.

In fact, one property painting firm You may have to control everything from business goals to purchasing team goals to HR goals.

The important thing to realize here is quite simple: those who do not know where they are going do not know if they have reached where they should go.

Therefore, control and planning a venture They are essential for a good organizational culture to bring everything that the company wanted to create it.

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