7 tips to make it happen still in 2018

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2018's year is past halfway and it's time to review whether your new year plans are in progress. For many, this reflection brings an incredible realization: Almost nothing has been accomplished. To help you plan and close the year with your goals, we've put together a list of 7 commandments to get you through the year with many accomplishments. Let's move forward!

1 - Visualize in detail, as if everything was already done.

Use your power of imagination and see your desired state with details. This crystal image is something that will naturally guide you to what and how it should be done. For this, be very faithful to the senses. Smell it, see, listen and hold onto its achievements. As Napoleon Hill decreed, "All that the human mind can conceive, you can accomplish."

2- Take the first step today!

This tip could also be called "make decisions". Doubt paralyzes and makes us postpone our dreams. When we realize, it has already been 6 months, 1 year, a lifetime. Trust and act without hesitation. Enroll in English, call that person to leave, send the resume to the company of your dream ... In short: Say yes to you. And start today!

3- Focus on strengths.

Focus on what is possible, attainable, measurable, and achievable. Many people focus on the negative, on their failures and on lost time. For you to have reasons to celebrate the arrival of 2019, focus now on your best and act with this positive mental attitude.

4 - The deed is better than perfect.

Although this tip gives a lot of controversy, there is something that is unanimous: Plan enough to put and go perfecting in mid-flight. Avoid drowning in never ending plans or plans that never go out of print. A great marathon runner begins with the first steps. During the journey, it is fundamental not to be satisfied with the deed and then to seek continuous improvement, the ideal and perfection.

5- Be Transparent

Just thinking about being dishonest already drains energy. When we act with character and transparency, we can be ourselves and this helps us to have lightness, pleasant personality and enthusiasm. These three characteristics help great leaders to become successful.

6- Get closer to "motor" people.

Beware of the hunters. Learn to distinguish well-meaning people and advice from those who just want to undermine your actions. It is notorious that in order to achieve success, we must first of all choose the people who will be on our side. Our tip is that you look for associations, meetings, and groups of people that have the same growth goal as yours.

7- Calculate the risks and always think about the result.

Many forget to plan and act without thinking and end up frustrating. There are also those who think too hard about what can go wrong and end up attracting this downside. Balance is the key word for achievement. Analyze the risks among possible solutions and focus on what you want (and will) achieve!

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