Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate Brokers

Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate Brokers
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Get to know 7 actions that will help you boost your online tools and attract more customers to buy and lease!

No company is totally isolated from the surrounding environment. Suppliers, customers, competitors, the population, government and technologies, among others, are constantly “moving” and interacting, creating situations that directly interfere with companies' decisions and their ability to create and realize exchanges in a lasting manner.

This dynamic and constantly changing scenario, formed by external forces and entities capable of creating opportunities and threats to companies, is called the marketing environment. And in the case of real estate, in particular, this range of opportunities is increasingly accentuated!

After all, more and more people looking for real estate in Rio de Janeiro and in other parts of the country it uses the internet. So a good digital marketing strategy can make all the difference right now.

Based on this strategy, follow 7 tips for brokers who want to learn to stand out through digital actions, which we split up in this post! Check out!

Tip #1 - Be Present on the Internet: Websites and Social Networks

A marketing environment analysis It is an essential tool for designing the marketing strategy of companies. It is from the knowledge of the marketing environment that managers can become aware of unmet market demands and protect themselves from external threats, as well as adapt the strategies to the different realities of the consumer market.

Thus, the same product may require different strategies for regions with different characteristics (cultural, demographic, economic, etc.), be adapted to meet new demands or even need a new strategy against the actions of competitors.

Nowadays, one must be present in the fields where the target audience circulates, so it is more than necessary to have a good online marketing strategy. It is undeniable the contribution of the internet in this sense, being an extremely important and significant marketing channel.

Therefore, have a good site, be present in social networks such as Facebook, Instagran, Twitter, Pinterest, among others. Take marketing actions to attract followers and engagement! This will be a differentiator for customers who, for example, are looking for information about apartments for sale in Rio de Janeiro.

Take the time to produce this type of material. If you do not have the time or even know how to do this, seek the help of a qualified professional to manage your digital accounts. This will surely bring you countless advantages!

Tip #2 - Make targeted advertising for your location

Try to target your ads well so that they appear strategically to who is in your business location. Avoid losing money with this. In addition, try to describe features of the advertised property and shopping malls, squares, parks and all kinds of reference that the customer may have. Inform the location of the property, amenities, distance from large postcards and advantages that the resident will have. The more your disclosure focuses on the reality and detail, the more assertive you will be! So invest in it to stand out!

Tip #3 - Have Social Media Accounts

It is very common worldwide that people are increasingly engaging in social networks. They are an important reinforcement for the connection between companies and customers, directly influencing purchase and closing decisions. For this reason, it's worth defining strategies that can give you the ability to interact directly with your audience!

Tip #4 - Invest in Newsletter Tools

Have a database to invest in triggering email marketing campaigns. Provide your site with a field for registration and, also when a customer makes contact, feed this communication channel requesting him his email address. Research in the marketing area shows that even today, at least 23% of negotiations conducted via the Internet still occur thanks to campaigns conducted via e-mail. Pay attention to good practices: Don't always email, but alternate weeks, and keep the option for the user to unsubscribe at any time.

Tip #5 - Deliver quality photos and videos

Beautiful images and videos can be very helpful when it comes to putting a property up for sale. After all, a customer may have an idea of ​​what is being offered at the moment of choosing a home and assigning filters in their search, such as room numbers, kitchen style, living room, and so on. Therefore, good images, which can give an assertive dimension of details about an advertised property, can attract customers and help in scheduling a visit and especially in closing a purchase or lease.

Tip #6 - Invest in Mobile Communication

Certainly the WhatsApp It's a great source of communication that can be used to make contact with customers - of course, requesting permission to do so. Nowadays, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this kind of feature can enable a customer to respond quickly and resolve all their questions to close a deal. There you can even send additional photos of a property, if you want, and provide a more personalized service. In case of request for unsubscribe as well as in case of e-mail marketing, do it right away, so as not to tarnish your reputation and your business!

Tip #7 - Always Be Ready to Serve Customers

In addition to being present in social networks, try to serve customers in person as well. Seek to schedule visits and, during these moments, win your client with mental triggers: help him understand that what enchanted him via the internet can still bring you numerous benefits in person. This junction of the virtual with the real will help you envision the possibility of opting for the contract and can be a great asset in the differentiated service. So always be mindful of realizing everything that is virtually promised for the realization of business closure!

Now that you have checked out our real estate marketing tips, enjoy sharing this post on your social networks!

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