How to Balance Your Condominium

Excel Spreadsheets

Within the various routines and reports that a condominium should possess, the balance sheet is one of the most important, as it is precisely that that will be used for financial analysis.

What is the Balance Sheet: this is a report that aims to demonstrate the financial movements, that is, the inflows and outflows of money, separating the totals by accounts and also the monthly balances.

How to Take the Balance Sheet: the activity of balancing can be extremely tiring or very easy. This depends solely on the tool and the method the syndic is using to generate it.

As the balance sheet should be closed monthly and it is the sum of all the financial transactions of your condominium, if you leave to do it only at the end of the month, this will become exhausting work, since you will have to find and count all the receipts and notes. So it is recommended to use some tool (software or spreadsheet) to record each release on the day it occurs and thus have the balance generated automatically at the end of the month.

We have created a excel spreadsheet for condominiums that helps a lot in this process and can be the solution for you, the trustee, to generate this important report with less errors and very easily. I'll show you below quickly how it works, but clicking here you can download a free demo version.

1. Payment Control and Delinquents

Since the largest source of income of any condominium is the monthly contribution made by the residents, the spreadsheet has a well-designed control to follow the payment of each unit and check their status.

How to Balance Your 1 Condo

2. Automatic Balance Balance Generation

Automatically, the spreadsheet will add the separate receipts into condominium, extra quota, reserve fund and fines on the revenue side and will also generate the accumulated of the separate expenses in personnel, administrative, operational and financial.

How to Balance Your 2 Condo

If you believe this worksheet will assist your condo in generating your reports and balance sheets, click here to get to know her in detail.

Excel Spreadsheets


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