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One of the biggest challenges for the survival of companies and entrepreneurs in Brazil is to minimize their tax burden. Hence, although the hiring of a safer employee is the CLT (consolidation of labor laws), many and many companies end up taking the risk and hiring some of their employees as a PJ.

In this last model, the tax burden is reduced and the company manages to pay more to the employee and still reduce its total cost. For this reason, we have created a worksheet calculated to help you understand the impact on your financials of the decision between CLT or PJ for several employees. I will present below the main features.

1. Registration of Employees, Charges and Salaries

The worksheet allows you to register up to 100 employees and different positions for analysis. For each employee, you must record the gross salary (associated with the position), the number of dependents, alimony and other discounts. With this data, the worksheet will automatically calculate the net salary.

Calculator CLT or PJ 1

2. Definition of Contracting Model

Then the worksheet will give you the list of all your registered employees and you can choose your hire model (CLT or PJ) and it will automatically calculate the monthly salary of both and give you a cost projection in that mode for the next 3 years. This allows you to work with several different scenarios and visualize their impact quickly!

Calculator CLT or PJ 2

3. Reports and Dashboards

Automatically, the spreadsheet will generate different reports aggregating your costs by position, separating by year and also by area of ​​the business. In addition, you'll have a general dashboard demonstrating exactly how your distribution of hiring models and their costs were.

Calculator CLT or PJ 3

If you liked this worksheet and you think you can help it in your business, download our demo version here!

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