Beware of the married sale and what to do to increase your average ticket sales

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In this article we will talk about:

What is a married sale?

Married selling occurs when a consumer has the purchase of a particular product conditioned upon the purchase of another. Quite simply, it's making you spend money on something that was not only interested in bringing the product or service you really wanted.

Beware of the married sale and what to do to increase the average ticket of your 1 sales

Married sale is expressly prohibited by the Consumer Protection Code (Article 39) and constitutes a crime against consumer relations.

The question is quite simple, if you have a company, you certainly want to sell as much as possible to your customers. This is no problem at all, as long as your customers are not obligated to purchase another product or service to get what they wanted at first.

Most common examples of married sales

I believe that for you who are a sales manager or run a small business, the most important thing is to be careful not to perform "unintentionally" selling. If you are the consumer, keep an eye out for not falling into one of the classic cases:

  • Minimum consumption in the house of night entertainment
  • "Combos" with internet, TV and telephone services that are offered in isolation
  • Toys with snacks in fast foods
  • Financing of property conditioned to housing insurance
  • Exclusive consumption of products sold at movie theater entrances
  • Issuance of credit cards associated with insurance or savings bonds
  • Party rooms that condition the rent of the space to the contracting of the service of Buffet (or other service)
  • Cell Phone with Extended Warranty

The logic will always be the same, a company can not force its customer to consume what it does not want, ie, can not practice selling marketed. While some cases already have a court ruling, such as movie theaters, where it is no longer mandatory to consume popcorn or drinks only from the establishment, in others, there is still much discussion.

What to do to increase average ticket

So you must be wondering what you can do to sell more or more expensive to your customers in a way that is not against the law and is totally legal. In these cases, I like to show examples of what we have already done and continue to do in LUZ to increase our revenues and the average ticket of our sales without falling in cases of married sale:

  • Improve your product or service

As soon as we started selling spreadsheets, without the expertise we have today and no good examples to follow, we had a relatively simple spreadsheet. Below you can see the image of our 1.0 cash flow worksheet:

married sale - how to increase the average ticket - 1.0 worksheet

Over time we have seen the opportunity to improve the spreadsheet and charge more for this. In this sense we arrived today in our 3.0 version of the cash flow worksheet, which visually, in terms of navigation and features is much better than our first.

married sale - how to increase the average ticket - 3.0 worksheet

This allowed us to stop selling spreadsheets for R $ 50 to spreadsheets for R $ 150. It may seem little, but it is an increase of 3 times the revenue we had previously. We also implemented improvements in versioning of products that were already 3.0.

We recently made the 2016 version of our 3.0 strategic planning worksheet. It is not simple to implement improvements in the spreadsheets (or products and services) of a company, but with some effort, study, conversation with customers, we come to a new methodology and improvements that were already requested.

selling married - how to increase the average ticket - new version worksheet

  • Make packages with groups of products or services

A fairly common thing is for a company to have similar groups of products or services. In such cases, it is worth bundling these items together and offering a discount for buying them together. Below is an example of some spreadsheet packages available on our site:

married sale - how to increase the average ticket - product package creation

Note that grouping products that we sell individually does not constitute a married sale simply because we are not our customers to buy anything they do not want. They buy the package if they think it is advantageous for them. If they do not find it, you have the possibility to buy the spreadsheets that are of interest individually.

  • Cross Selling

Another interesting tactic that can help a lot in increasing the quantity of products sold is in relation to cross-selling. Basically the idea here is to offer complementary products or services to the item that your customer is interested in. For example, on our website, for each worksheet that a client of ours has interest, we offer other complementary products:

married sale - how to increase the average ticket - cross sales

In the example above, we offer the strategic planning and business diagnosis people who got interested (and page of the business plan sheet.

  • Additional Sales - upsell

Another good option is to offer upgrades or enhancements to a product that you already offer naturally. In the case of LUZ beyond 3.0 Cash Flow Worksheet, we have more advanced versions of them, with features that it does not have.

So if a client of ours is only interested in cash flow, he can buy the spreadsheet of course, but if you want some more functionality, you can opt for some of the other versions (which cost a little more) and vary from the cash flow sheet with budget control to complete financial management worksheet.

married sale - how to increase the average ticket - upsell additional sales

In the end, the idea is to make everyone win. Both your customers, who will get exactly what they want and will pay for it, like your company, who will profit more from these sales strategies.

Last care with your sales

I've talked about some strategies that can help you increase the average ticket of your closures, but one care you need to have with your company is to look at other parts of your sales process. In this sense, it is very worth using a sales control worksheet to understand all its key indicators.

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