Basic Cash Flow Statement

Know the importance of building a basic cash flow for your business
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A cash flow statement is an essential tool for controlling a company. Knowing to analyze the movement of the cash is of vital importance, and although it may seem a simple task, it must be executed through an adequate methodology. Now, check out the steps necessary to set up a cash flow efficient and know how to control the finances of your company, knowing the spreadsheet cash flow from light.

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What is and how to do Cash Flow?

Cash Flow Concept

We can define the cash flow as being the control tool of inflows and outflows of financial resources within a company. Stay abreast of financial transactions is a fundamental prerequisite for the proper management of business activity, as it allows accurate positioning on the health of business and the actual feasibility of future investments. It is worth noting that the demonstration of cash flow is not geared to the diagnosis of the economic situation. Therefore, it is not part of your goals to define the company's profit or loss.

1 Basic Cash Flow Statement

Assumptions for assembling cash flow

The task of set up a cash flow statement becomes much simpler for those already accustomed to maintaining organized control of their finances. The first step is to make the chart of accounts, where the revenue and expenditure accounts will be named and classified into groups, which will allow a better understanding of the financial movement of the company. THE spreadsheet cash flow of allows the classification of revenue in "product revenues", "service revenues" and "non-operating revenues". Already the expenses can be grouped into the categories "HR expenses", "marketing expenses", "taxes" and "investments", as well as the same income classifications.

Know the importance of building a basic cash flow for your business

Making postings

Once the chart of accounts is defined, the next step is to releases of financial transactions. To obtain a consistent result, the control needs to be performed daily. Transactions should be sorted according to pre-defined accounts (if a new situation is detected, you can add items to the chart of accounts). In our spreadsheet, each launch displays the new cash balance, in addition to a summary with the monthly and accumulated totalizers.

Know the importance of building a basic cash flow for your business

Once these steps have been completed, it is enough to know how to use the results effectively. If expenses are greater than revenues, for example, may be the case to seek a reduction in costs and wait a while for new investments until the situation returns to normal, thus avoiding an undesirable collapse in the company.

1 Basic Cash Flow Statement

Statement of Income

A spreadsheet cash flow that we prepare offers a summary of releases per day and presents consolidated results of the cash flow, accounts payable and receivable, and also projecting the statement of income for the year. Everything from the postings, made based on the chart of accounts.

Know the importance of building a basic cash flow for your business

The demonstration of cash flow of an enterprise is essential for business continuity. To accomplish this task more simply and with better resources, a suitable tool can be of great value.

Check out the unique features that our spreadsheet cash flow offers for you.

Know the importance of building a basic cash flow for your business

Excel Spreadsheets
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