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In all areas of business activity, small, medium or large, the key to growth is the quantitative and qualitative control of resources and labor, in order to use them in a more rational and therefore more profitable way. For this to happen, it is necessary the technical analysis of its activities in order to find the obstacles that are hindering the much-desired growth trend for your company.

For this analysis to happen, a complete and detailed record of what you want to analyze is required to find patterns (indicators) and sources of error and / or delay of your activities. However, to learn how to choose and read the indicators that will give you this information, you need time and study.

In this context, the Worksheet Productivity Payment Control helps in a very agile and easy way both in recording the activities and analysis of individual performance of employees, and in the financial control of the company. Doing it in such a way that anyone can use it. By working intelligently and objectively based on each of the indicators available in the spreadsheet you will have guaranteed results and amazing improvements for your company.

To try this spreadsheet just click in the link to take advantage of the demo version.

Features of the Productivity Payment Control Worksheet

1) Employees Registration

Register to 100 employees and monitor their activities individually

In this first part of the spreadsheet, all employees, functions, hierarchy in the company (Administrative or Operational), personal data and contact telephone number must be registered.

Activities should be checked frequently, so it is important to at least one collaborator registered in the hierarchical category as administrative to inspect all the activities.

  • It is not advisable to only have an employee inspecting a large number of activities, as it will be difficult to follow the percentage progress of all of them in a concise way.
  • For correct operation of the worksheet in the registration tabs, you should not skip lines or stop filling columns.

Productivity Payroll Control Sheet - Employee Master Data

2) Services Register

Register to 1.000 different services and their prices.

In this tab must be registered the services that will be executed by your team with their respective prices and form of measurement.

Tip: Define in the best possible way the service to be executed, separating in stages and thinking about the subdivisions of the same service, as this detailing will facilitate the understanding on the part of its collaborator and consequently better results of execution, besides the possibility of obtaining specific reports that can become necessary automatically.

Example: When planning the execution of a slab in concrete, preliminary steps are necessary, these in turn are executed by different teams as: Manufacturing and Assembly of Forms (Carpenters); Manufacture and assembly of the Frame ("Blacksmiths"); Isolation of the site ("Security") and etc.

In this situation, the registered services should be:

  • Manufacture and Assembly of Forms (with its specific price)
  • Manufacture and assembly of the Frame (with its specific price)
  • Isolation of the site (with its specific price)

Instead of just:

  • Execution of Concrete Slab (With the sum of all prices above)

After the execution of the services, in the report tabs, you will have access to indicators such as: Exact amount to be paid for each team member; Total amount executed; Total monthly and annual payment; Quantitative of services performed; Total percentage of execution and etc.

The same example can be used in a clothing store for example in stock: it is necessary to register the pieces by size, color, price, style and fabric.

  • For correct operation of the worksheet in the registration tabs, you should not skip lines or stop filling columns.

Productivity Payments Control Sheet - Services Register

3) Register of Causes

In this tab is recorded the possible causes of delays that may occur in services, such as low productivity, rain, lack of energy.

Note: For a correct and precise categorization of delays, it is necessary to fill in the responsible agent column in order to avoid errors caused by causes that have subdivisions, for example: Supply Logistics (Labor) is different from Supply Logistics (Planning). The first indicates a problem in logistics due to lack of manpower and the second because of lack of planning, thus blaming different sectors of the company.

Productivity Payments Control Sheet - Causes Register

4) Productivity Control

Register to 5000 different activities and their respective information

This step is the heart of the spreadsheet and should be done with caution and in the most accurate way possible. In it will be made the launch of the activities that will be executed, for it is necessary to fill some information like: Service to be executed; Quantity to be executed; Start date, end date, percentage executed, reason for delay (if any); Collaborator in charge of the activity; Collaborators who will execute the activity (Min. 1 - Max: 10 collaborators by activity).

  • Activities will only be available for payment ("E will appear in reports") as they are equal to 100% ("Completely Completed") regardless of the period of the activity start or percentage executed

Productivity Payroll Control Sheet - Productivity Control

5) Full Productivity Report - Macros

In this step is one of the most powerful tools in the worksheet Productivity Payment Control in which they were used macros to automate the entire process by generating a single tab with all information for payment of all registered employees. Extracting the full potential of the information released in the previous steps and generating a complete but simplified report for printing and / or archiving if necessary. Get this report in a simple way with just one click.

Productivity Payments Control Sheet - Full Productivity Report - 1 Image

Productivity Payments Control Sheet - Full Productivity Report - 2 Image

6) General Productivity Analysis

In this tab are the performance indicators of employees, services and the company as a whole. In it it is possible to follow the general progress of the services, the collaborators with greater productivity; The degree of commitment of the managers, more frequent reasons for the delays of the activities and etc ... Thus, through this information, take the appropriate actions, aiming at solving the problems found in productivity and restoring the desired growth trend in your company.

Productivity Payment Control Worksheet - General Productivity Analysis

7) Individual Productivity Report

In this part of the worksheet you will have quick access to all information, in addition to the amount receivable, of the completed and running services in which the selected employee is involved and individually monitor and specify their development, being able to filter by: Service ; Start date; Current status; Reason for delays and etc.

Productivity Payroll Control Sheet - Individual Productivity Report

8) Report by period

In this tab you can see all the activities started and completed during the desired interval of time, by simply setting the start and end dates. Ex: 14 / 01 / 2018 to 20 / 01 / 2018. This way you can visualize seasonal problems that interfere with the progress of your company's activities and then program them in the best possible way.

Ex: Painting services are hampered in periods of rain

Ex: Productivity is reduced during holidays

Productivity Payroll Control Sheet - Period Report

9) Activity Flow Chart - Gantt Chart

This tab displays a Gantt chart (Tool widely used in activity planning efficiently) with all activity Productivity Payment Control.

Relating the durations of the activities with their respective start and end dates, showing in a simplified and pleasant way the flowchart and current progress, intending to find an ideal order of execution of the services, thus avoiding incompatibility errors arising from the incorrect order of execution caused by the relations of independence, dependence or interdependence of one activity towards the other.

Productivity Payments Control Sheet - Activity Flow Chart

10) Consolidation of results

In this tab you will have quick and easy access to the consolidated results over the years categorized year by year separated by month of all services completed.

Productivity Payment Control Worksheet - Consolidation of results

Final considerations

A Productivity Payment Control Worksheet is of extreme value in the business / autonomous control with financial and qualitative emphasis. You can see that it covers with the same performance any business line involving bonuses for income or profit sharing. In addition to being a beautiful registry tool because in it you have access to all services performed and running and their respective quantitative and qualitative information quickly and easily.

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