Corporate Visual Identity: how a quality design contributes to the results

Corporate Identity
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All the biggest and best companies in the market, visual identity creation that is unique and integrated, in order to convey what the company really brings as values ​​and essence, as well as providing a standardized perspective that tends to best set the brand in the minds of consumers.

A brand of a company, is one of the main forms of direct communication with the public, so this high value heritage should be treated in a special way, since it is directly linked to the results of an organization.

Ideally, anyone should be able to recognize the branding of the institution through its visual identity.

And in order to achieve this goal, we need the services of a publicity agency that is specialized, in other words, with know-how in line with the expectations of the contractor and a portfolio that lives up to the expected results.

In this contracting, a visual standard is always expected to be adequate to the objectives, goals and values ​​of the company, causing the public to memorize that determined pattern, relating it immediately to the company.

In this visual identity creation, in design agency takes into account all communication platforms with the public, such as:

Logos, catalogs, social networks, e-mail marketing, product packaging, and even creating sites, among many other pieces, so that there is a uniqueness in visual communication, facilitating the fixation of identity.

Standardization of corporate visual identity

Before talking about the standardization of visual identity, it is extremely important to understand its concept, which can be defined as:

A set of attributes, norms and values ​​that are applied graphically in order to present a company. This identity has the role of taking the public profile of the company through a visual / graphic strategy and generate a memorization of the organization in their minds.

These graphic features give the whole essence of a company in its communication, especially it is crucial to mention that such presentation is directly constituted to attend people, so that the standardization becomes highly necessary in this process, in order to guarantee the solidity of a company in the market and often the recognition as the best in its segment of performance. In fact, it is a tool capable of providing an incredible impact differential in approaching and narrowing relationships.

It can be said that currently, an excellent product by itself, is not able to fulfill all the goals that the organization imposes. Although it has the best effectiveness in its use, it is necessary that the brand brings strong communication, including in the packing design.

It is crucial that all brand touch points have a graphic alignment. For example, in the institutional site, it is essential that there be a combination of colors stipulated in the company's identity, as well as graphics and other characteristics.

Not only, on the site, but all the materials of the company must contain such harmonization, therefore, the visual identity manual has a wide appreciation when it comes to branded items.

Review the major brands and you may notice such behavior. When accessing the site, it is notorious a perfect alignment with any catalogs, business cards, or even product line in the gondola, so there is a strong fixation in the consumer's mind. Any time it encounters any point of contact of the brand, there will be a positive message intrinsic and strengthened.

It may seem like something simple to do, but in fact there are many layers of studies and technical knowledge involved in this process.

The process of creating visual identity

Typically, each company has a particular methodology for the development of a visual identity, however, it is common to find the following service structure in the best agencies, including worldwide:

  1. Planning: the time to research, understand consumer behavior, what he would expect from the brand and even study the competition, in order to develop an appropriate strategy to differentiate, whether in gondolas, website, social networks or any other channel. With this, the famous briefing
  2. Graphic materialization: here is born the first "body". Several alternatives are created within the briefing pre-established.
  3. Alignment: stage where the agency and the company meet to make final adjustments so that the creation meets both the expectations of the contractor, the objectives of the company and what the consumer expects.
  4. Derivation of other arts: from the concept of the brand, there are several dismemberments, such as the development of catalogs, business cards, presentations, folders, letterhead, folder, envelopes, e-mail subscriptions, websites, eCommerce, etc.

Average time frame for creating a visual identity

This is an extremely questioned point, however there is no rule, as there are many factors involved, such as: time the contractor has to dedicate to the necessary efforts; agency agenda; complexity of the project; etc. Overall, 30 to 60 days is a plausible number for micro, small and even medium-sized businesses.

Does an excellent visual identity guarantee the success of a company?

Sounds obvious, but it's a recurring question. A visual identity is perfect when coupled with assertive disclosure strategies. Making an analogy: "it's worth a beautiful store in a dead-end street where there is no movement," on the other hand, the same store in a mall with high movement, tends at least to get a visibility that will bring a high potential for success.

A corporate identity well thought out and developed, is able to settle in the public mind, in order to create a connection with the brand.

This connection is one of the most important elements for the company to have the preference of the public at the time of making their purchase decision.

Almost instinctively, people associate the brand with suitability, quality, solidity and above all, trust.

This is how a corporate identity help in the results; the only requirement, is to choose the right agency to develop your brand.

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