Why create and monitor training indicators?

Why create training indicators?
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Businesses that are struggling can get around them more easily when their employees are well trained. In good times, companies will also achieve higher growth rates, with trained employees and aware of what they need to do.

If human capital is the great differential of organizations, the actions of training and people development have an important role for the growth of companies. In this sense, it is important that companies make investments to transform the potential of their professionals into results and improve business performance.

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The point is that simply injecting capital into training and development does not improve companies. They need to act in a structured way in this field, seeking to formulate concrete plans and indicators.

Training and development must be understood as the systematic acquisition of attitudes, knowledge, rules or skills that aim at better performance at work. It also refers to a set of learning experiences centered on the practitioner's current position.

The training processes therefore have two faces. The first, short-term, assists employees in their current assignments. The second, in the long run, should be concerned with functions to be filled in the future and succession plans, and greater planning is required.

What are performance indicators?

There are two types of performance indicators and each has a characteristic.

  • Process performance indicators or key performance indicators (KPIs) - aims to know how the task is performed and whether that task is achieving specific goals. This indicator should be quantifiable by means of an index that portrays the progress of the process as a whole or in part.
  • Strategic performance indicators - they have as function to verify if the organization is reaching its objectives, that is, the strategic objectives. An instrument that helps in the determination of these objectives is the Balanced Scorecard.

A performance indicator informs qualitatively and quantitatively a process in terms of efficiency, effectiveness or level of satisfaction.

It is possible to monitor the evolution of indicators over time and to compare it with other organizations. When measured systematically, indicators help companies monitor whether what has been programmed by them in their strategic planning results was well achieved, especially by adequately showing the possible management gaps.

The indicators of a company work more or less like this ... The strategic indicators show what is not working from the global point of view, that is, how the company is failing as a whole. Performance indicators can explain strategic failure, exposing process failures, teams or individuals.

Failures exposed by performance indicators end up showing a lot to a company about its current demand for training. They will empower professionals and failures will be reduced.

However, we also need to think about training and development as a company process. So he needs planning and his own performance indicators. Or even strategic, if they are part of some great goal of the company.

Training Control Worksheet

Examples of useful training indicators for your company

Number of trainings per year

Concerned about qualifying and having a more competitive team, training is an ideal method because it increases the effectiveness of the company's intentions. Research indicates that the ideal is for Brazilian companies to do at least 30h of corporate training per year. Measuring the amount of training offered internally, gives us a quantitative dimension of the operation of the process.

Average employee frequency

It does not matter just to provide the training, without reaching who really matters: the employees. Measuring their frequency is important to know if the trainings are reaching them, at least in terms of participation.

Average evaluation of internal trainings

To guarantee the quality of training or at least to understand what can be improved, it is important to give voice to employees. The best way to do this is by creating criteria for evaluating training. In this way, employees will be able to qualify the training and, over time, the company will know better which way to go, which training to cut, which to amplify and which to improve.

Spend with annual or monthly training

Measuring the amount of training is interesting, but they may have different workloads. Therefore, measuring the company's monthly or annual investment with training can be even more reliable than measuring only quantity.

Training Control Worksheet

Excel Spreadsheets


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