Errors that can be solved with customer service training

Customer Service Training
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There is only one definition that is valid for the purpose of a business: Create a consumer.
Peter Drucker

The main way to attract a customer is with good customer service. And for every company to be able to offer the best service is to have it as a priority, so much, training is the best way to the success of the company.

The Customer Service Department, SAC was established in the trade in the twentieth century. It is through this that the contact between the client and the company is made, with the purpose of healing possible problems, doubts, complaints, suggestions, among others.

But for this contact to be effective for both sides, the SAC should be based on customer service training. It's no good if the company has the desire to offer the best to its client, if it has a completely unprepared team. That is why, know how to train and develop people it is fundamental.

It is natural for the human being to want to be heard, especially if what he desires is not in his hands to do, another person must help him. And so, if the clerk can not separate work from his personal life, free himself from prejudices, recognize the cultural and regional aspects in which each client lives, be aware that there are people with restrictions, without extensive knowledge of the product which is buying, there will certainly be noises and misunderstandings in communication.

Some mistakes that will certainly be solved with customer service training

1) Client timeout

It is the record item of complaint. The organization must have more than enough personnel prepared for effective attendance.

2) Indifference with the client

If there is an answering service, there must also be respect with the client. Many companies forget that the commitment to serve the customer well starts at the shop counter, but a complaint, a request for exchange or even an unanswered question can ruin a sale and lose customers.

3) Selling false hopes

It is not right to "win" a customer with resources that the company does not have. After the sale the account will arrive and the company may lose its contracts and collect customers by propagating a negative image of the product.

4) Role Failure Distribution at Support Time

The employee can even serve the client with maximum goodwill, but it does not mean that this attitude is enough for the customer to be satisfied. What good is an excellent attendant, but who is completely unaware of the product. In this regard, training becomes urgent, so everyone knows their role in diagnosing problems and targeting the right people.

5) Repeated information or information defects

Sometimes the client makes a call, but the clerk can not verbalize more than a dozen previously decorated words. Thus communication becomes a "vicious circle." The clerk does not have grammatical knowledge, logical knowledge, knowledge of the problem and willingness to help the client.

6) Unprepared when dealing with problematic or rude clients

It can happen and this happens many times. The service is done cordially, is an experienced attendant, however, on the other side of the line a customer completely without composure. As soon as it is attended it begins to yell and blame the attendant for the error or failure in the product. At that time, the attendant can never be carried away by the heat of the moment. More than ever he must be prepared and trained to act in this situation. There can never be a correspondence between altered states of mind.

According to Professor Edmundo Brandão Dantas, author of book Attendance to the public in organizations, the fundamental model of customer service follows the factors below.

The fundamental factors for good service

  • Courtesy, sympathy and education
  • Fulfillment of promises and offers
  • Reduction of bureaucracy

Messages to be passed to the client

  • He is always welcome
  • Your problems will be treated by humans
  • Not being subject to false arguments

The service professional should:

  • Act as a company and think like a customer
  • Knowing the company well and the products / services it offers
  • To know techniques of human relationship
  • Have ability and autonomy to solve problems
  • Treat each client how they would like to be treated

The service environment must be or have:

  • Clean, well decorated and well signposted
  • Functional and automated
  • Well-selected and trained assistants
  • Comfortable for both customer and customers
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