Start Management in Practice Digital Marketing Strategies for IT Professionals

Digital Marketing Strategies for IT Professionals

Digital Marketing Strategies for IT Pros

Gone are the days when liberal computer professionals could count on the power of classified get more customers. In turn, many may imagine that computer products in such digital times are easy to sell, but this is far from true! This is because the market is very competitive.

For this reason, the computer professional must invest in digital marketing. Fortunately, thanks to the evolution of various processes linked to the digital marketing industryToday, with a little knowledge and money, it is possible to build a solid customer base. Have you considered getting more customers for your business through your website?

In this article we will bring important tips for computer professionals who want to implement a marketing strategy, regardless of their area of ​​expertise, be it computer maintenance, technical support, the sale of hardware and software, and many other areas of IT.

What tools to use?

As an IT professional, it may be until you know many of the tools we will cite below, but let us stress their importance within the context of Digital Marketing.


WordPress is the tool for editing and creating websites. Later, we will explain a little more, but the visual identity will be very important in your marketing strategy. Even if you are not a Web Designer, the tool is easy to understand.

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To understand the importance of this tool, it is the most widely used content management platform in the world. Also, one of its most important features is the offer of tools to optimize content for SEO.

If you are still going to build a website, be sure to make a page listing your services or products. The question of whether or not to put the price goes from each one. Another important part of the site is the forms of contact. The most suitable forms of contact are emails, with option of direct message on the site page, and availability of WhatsApp.

Google Ads

This tool was formerly known as Google Adwords and is responsible for making it easier for customers to reach your site. On this Google platform, you can buy keywords.

When someone searches Google for those terms, your site will appear among the suggested ads. Google itself provides guides for you to better understand your tool.

You can even get certified on Google Ads.

Facebook Ads

Like the tool above, Facebook Ads is for creating ads. Its great advantage is being in the most used social network in the world, which increases its visibility. Unlike what we talk about in Google Ads, you don't need to buy words here.

Campaigns are set up to run in regions you delimit, and each ad will have a cost.


For those who don't know, this acronym means Searching Engine Optimization, ie it is the optimization of content for search engines (basically, for Google).

If your content does a good job of SEO, the link to your site will rank high in the list on Google search, right after the paid ads.

Social Media

The results of a well done SEO, although great, take a while to appear. So another good option is social networking.

Having social networks will mean a lot to your businessbecause you will make your presence noticed where your potential consumer is. In addition, you will also be facilitating the contact of who is already customer with your brand.

From analytics, you can tell who your audience is and which social networks they use the most.

Digital Marketing Management

If you have the financial potential, invest in hiring a marketing professional or agency.

If your business is an e-commerce, there are marketing consultants specialized in this type of store.

Explore the internet

Especially if you have an e-commerce, it is very important to take care of your web page. If you don't have a website yet, it's time to invest! The page is the branding of the brand. Also, this page will have better results if it is linked to social networks.

Within these pages, the content needs to be very well crafted, bringing value knowledge to customers.

Always keep in mind the customer profile your store serves, even when you think of page design, the language that will be used in content. When thinking about content, the format should also be determined by the audience: post, ebook, white paper, among others.

Business management is crucial

The admin will be the key to making everything work. Among the administrative processes, we indicate as essential the following:

  • Issuance of electronic invoice;
  • Cash register control;
  • Control of sales and finances.

Having these first three processes in order will give you greater control of all other processes. For those who have difficulty maintaining all these controls, the best solution is digital systems.

Digital Marketing and Business Management should go hand in hand for better customer satisfaction and computer professional organization. Another important point to be aware of is taxation, because as it works with imported products, it is differentiated.

The systems available in the market take care from the beginning of the sale process to the sending of tax documents to the IRS and Treasury.

Inventory and sales

Even with a super elaborate marketing strategy, your brand needs to be able to meet customer demands. You need to have in stock, for example, enough of a product that is on sale.

Some systems already mentioned above control inventory. With these controls, you will avoid selling what is missing. In addition, you will have control over which products are best selling and can replenish.

The mantra of success with digital marketing It should be: Just offer what you can meet. Got a question? Leave a comment below.

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