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Despite the increased use of technology to organize and control documents in companies with local or virtual networks, many businesses still use - or are required by law to use - a process of managing physical files and documents in their office.

Whatever the case, the truth is that this control ends up being an important thing to do and well done, because the loss or damage of these documents can have serious consequences and the simple delay in finding them generates an increase of costs many times neither accounted for.

Thinking about this kind of situation that we created document control sheet. It was developed in partnership with managers who have the challenge of managing files and documents and have not yet found the ideal tool to help them. Below, I'll show you some of the workings of this worksheet.

1) Categories, Types and Locations Settings

Before you start controlling documents themselves, you should set up the possible categories and types of documents, the possible filing locations, and the document writers / creators when applicable, in the worksheet.

1 File and Document Management

2) Document Registration

Then, you must register all the documents that need to be managed. In this register, they must contain the name of the document and all the data of the initial configurations.

2 File and Document Management

3) Withdrawal and Returns Control

An important part of document management is knowing who took the documents from the file and which files were returned correctly to your filing location. Therefore, the spreadsheet has a specific control of withdrawals and returns with term.

3 File and Document Management

4) Reports and Dashboards

Finally, the worksheet generates a series of reports and dashboards on the loan profile and the number of documents managed.

4 File and Document Management

If this worksheet interested you, make sure to download the free demo version of it on the product page: document control sheet

Excel Spreadsheets



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