Important Tips for Your Hiring Process

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There is much talk about the importance of human capital for companies. Having good employees in your company engaged in a culture that takes the best from each of them can be the deciding factor when it comes to having better results.

Even knowing the importance of having good employees, the process of hiring new candidates for the companies is still very precarious. Thinking about it, I have separated some tips that can help when hiring new people for your company.

Define the hiring profile well


Before starting the selection process and publicizing it, it is necessary to chart the candidate's desired profile well. Define well what skills and characteristics you are looking for in your employee and profile the ideal candidate. Do not forget to line up well with the new employee's manager and involve him in that process.

Assemble a Structure of the Selective Process

Important Tips for Your 1 Hiring Process

To succeed in hiring a new employee it is important that you control the entire process that he will pass before hiring. That is why it is important to keep a well-defined process of what steps the candidate will take before entering the company.

Important Tips for Your 2 Hiring Process

In addition, it is important to keep a record of all the relevant information from the top candidates, so you can easily access their key information.

Since you have this control as the process progresses, you will be able to easily track everything that happens with each candidate. You can even give notes to how the candidate comes out at each step and then return with the key feedbacks to him.

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Take Practical Tests


As much as you want, do not just trust your instincts to take for granted what a candidate says to you in an interview. The Manager must always prove that what the candidate says is true so whenever someone is going through the selection process of your company, make sure to test the candidate's main skills with practical tests.

Here in LUZ, for example, whenever we need to hire someone to be part of our Production team we give a briefing to the candidate to make a Worksheet. This test on the two things about the candidate:

  1. If he knows exactly what we described in the briefing, since it will not do us any good to hire someone who does not exactly understand the specifications of what should be done;
  2. If he knows how to build that briefing idea in Excel.

Regardless of the skill or knowledge the candidate claims to have, you can always take practical tests on what he says he knows.

Want to know some more tips on How to Test Your Candidates? Watch our program LUZ at the End of the Tunnel with this theme. Just give play in the video below.

Pass Feedbacks at each stage


Whenever you advance to the next stage of your Selective Process it is important to give feedback to your candidates about their situation.

If they were disapproved in the step be sure to warn them and whenever possible try to pass on sincere feedback, they do not need to be very specific, just so that he can understand the reason for the refusal. For example, if it did not fit the profile outlined at the beginning of the process, it does not cost anything to explain the points of divergence that could not let it be selected.

Since you kept a record of your entire process, as we gave the hint, you can also give feedback after hiring your new employee, showing where he went well and where he went wrong.

Use more than one interviewer


As with practical tests, many managers may leave a decision like hiring a new person for their company to be taken lightly due to factors such as believing in their intuition or hitting the eye and finding that they have found the right candidate.

So always try to get the candidate to go through more than one interview with different interviewers. This way you can maintain the bias of the process and an interviewer can pick up mistakes and problems that the other person may not have seen because they have a short-sighted view of the candidate.

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Excel Spreadsheets


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