From naming to brand registration: how to make the right choices for your company

From naming to brand registration how to make the right choices for your company
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Creating the name is one of the most important and difficult tasks within the preparation and construction of a brand.

While many believe that choice is relatively simple, and that it is simply aligned with the business proposition, the naming involves purpose, market positioning, and other strategic factors that deserve your attention.

In order to be easily recognized and capable of being record, a successful brand must necessarily have a good name, that is, remarkable and distinctive to the consumer.

To make the right choices when determining your brand name, check out the tips we have prepared for you!

The choice of name

For those who are faced with the difficult task of choosing a name for their brand, one of the main tips is to focus on your audience.

In addition to reflecting the purpose and positioning of your company, your brand must be connected to the language and universe of the potential consumer.

Therefore, the ideal is to seek the persona, that is, the expression of the customer model, or customer parameter, for the product and service you intend to offer.

With the person in mind, make a Brainstorm of words that may reflect your business within the universe of that potential customer.

To help you get ideas, you can think of:

  • Locations that are linked to your business, products or services;
  • Tools that interact with your client;
  • Important situations that reflect your company;
  • Initials, if the name of the company is long;
  • Origin of words that are connected to their purpose, mode of operation or even form of positioning.

Person defined and brainstorm you can select the best names for the next step.

Analysis of choices

Okay, now that you already have a number of naming possibilities. Evaluate for each of them the following:

Semantic value

What is the meaning of your brand name? Does it clearly reflect the business idea?

Avoid using names that have double meaning, or allow to give a new connotation to the mark.

Another important tip is to check if the name you choose has no unwanted meaning in other languages.

Strategic Impact

The name of the brand must always be aligned with the strategic objectives of the business and also its position in the market.

Check what they are and try to assess whether the name is connected to your purpose as a business.

Phonetic structure

To choose a good name for your brand, remember that it should be easy to pronounce and simple to remember.

Be sure to choose a short and easy to fit into the address website or even at the email address.

Record Availability

Another factor that should influence the choice of the brand name concerns its availability, both for the record, and for the online domain.

It is no use creating the name, but in the end, not being able to use it.

For this, it must be free for both the record, and for the purchase of the domain.

O trademark registration must be done with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and to know if the name chosen is available, it is necessary to check the database made available directly on the Institute's website.

After submission of the documentation and approval by the INPI, the trademark registration will be valid for 10 years.

Regarding the domain, just check if you can buy it next to the site of the

Although it does not configure any protection for the brand, it guarantees the exclusive use of the name in the online environment, that is, the domain address you choose, can only be used by you.


Now that you have chosen a name that clearly reflects the purpose of your business and speaks directly to your audience, do not make the mistake of leaving your brand around without obtaining the certificate of record.

With it, beyond the exclusivity of the use of name and visual signals, you move away from the competition and have your business protected against plagiarism and other frauds.

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