Guerrilla Marketing: What It Is, How To Do And Great Actions

Guerrilla Marketing: What It Is, How To Do And Great Actions
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O guerrilla marketing was created in the 70 years by Jay Conrad Levinson as an alternative to smaller, under-resourced companies to creatively attract attention and fight against large corporations.

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Guerrilla Marketing - Meaning
Sensational Cases of Guerrilla Marketing
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Guerrilla Marketing - Meaning

Inspired by Vietnamese tactics in the war against the US, in the 70 years, Jay Conrad Levinson, the "father of guerrilla marketing" created this kind of marketing. He is generally more aggressive than others when it comes to fighting the competition. But you can also be merely creative and even cherish a better world, as you will see below.

The main idea of ​​this marketing format is maximize the reach of marketing actions with a very low investment. If your brand does not have money for television commercials, famous models and high-level production, there are still ways to win the world.

Guerrilla marketing

A classic example of guerrilla marketing that worked out was the WePay payment provider at a conference of its biggest competitor, Paypal. At the time, paypal was freezing many client accounts without much explanation, drawing access to its resources.

WePay simply froze a few dollar bills into an ice cube of almost 300kg with the words:

Paypal freezes your account. Thaw your money!

The ice cube was left in front of the conference, the action won the world and the company won thousands of users in a few days.

Guerrilla Marketing - WePay x Paypal

But ... not every campaign works

Some time ago, in Brazil, we saw a case of a controversial campaign. Amazon has campaigned with stretches of books projected on walls of São Paulo. In the campaign, they used the words "we covered the gray of stories". This phrase was an allusion to the fact that the former mayor João Dória painted the city's graffiti and painted walls in an already controversial action.

The problem is that Brazil as a whole lived a moment of clear political division. Many people agreed with the action of the mayor. Many people also disagreed. It's hard to fit any kind of marketing action into this context.

I can not say that the campaign was a mistake, but the reception was negative for the people who agreed with the mayor. And, when it comes to marketing, if you end up hurting someone in some way, we can say that it could have been better thought out.

Sensational Cases of Guerrilla Marketing

Since images speak more than a thousand words, not to be left alone in the definition, we list below some incredible ideas of guerilla marketing. We hope you enjoy it!

Guerilla Marketing #1 - Anti-Smoking Campaign

Guerrilla Marketing - anti smoking campaign

In this American cigarette smoking prevention campaign, small plates were stuck in the exhaust pipes of cars. The words translated on it are "What we see when you smoke".

Guerrilla Marketing #2 - Global Warming Campaign

Guerrilla Marketing - Global Warming

This campaign against global warming, put posters in the water, simulating people holding them. The words were "Global Warming. Why this whole argument? " The goal of the campaign was to get people's attention and to show humorously what will happen if there is a melting of polar ice caps, for example.

Guerilla Marketing #3 - 2012 Movie Campaign

Guerrilla Marketing - 2012 Movie

The production of the film 2012 has chosen to simulate a flood in the tunnels of a subway, so that the users of the same have a little of the sensation of what happens in the film.

Guerilla Marketing #4 - Dentist's Campaign

Guerrilla Marketing: What It Is, How To Do And Genuine Actions 1

There are dental offices that do not spend much advertisements very smart.

Guerilla Marketing #5 - Flea Control Campaign

Guerrilla Marketing: What It Is, How To Do And Genuine Actions 2

Frontline decided to expose the cause of their product by taking advantage of the customer's point of view at the top of a mall. The phrase in advertising is "Get them off your dog". And the people walking downstairs really look like insects. Great!

Guerilla Marketing #6 - Kitkat Chocolate Campaign

Guerrilla Marketing - branded chocolate advertisement kitkat

Very good and cheap campaign of Kitkat taking advantage of a simple public bank.

Guerilla Marketing #7 - Campaign for a Vegan Market

Guerrilla Marketing - Vegetarian Market Advertising

This campaign of a vegetarian market decided to take objects on the street to draw attention to their products.

Guerrilla Marketing #8 - ESPN Sports Channel Advertisement

Guerrilla Marketing - espn advertising

Football is everywhere. And in that case it is. Simple, cheap and striking advertising!

Guerilla Marketing #9 - Campaign to help homeless people

Guerrilla Marketing -

"Enjoying the snow? Try to sleep in it. Help street people get out of the cold for good. "

Guerrilla Marketing #10 - Oreo lift campaign

Lastly, to keep your mouth watering, this cookie campaign - or cookie, depending on where you live

If you liked the examples of guerrilla marketing campaign that we showed may have been with taste of want more. In that article in Mashable 10 has excellent examples of guerrilla marketing. Most are in English, but you can understand what was done, even without language proficiency.

How To Make Guerilla Marketing

The main characteristic that we find in all campaigns is the use of creativity, innovation and use of references of the site or product itself. That is, they run away from the commonplace. It's not easy, but it's posssible.

The secret is to get out of the box without going too far and for that, you should understand the 4 Ps marketing of your business. Some questions you should ask when planning a guerrilla marketing action:

  • What is the routine of your target audience?
  • Where do they go every day?
  • What is the step-by-step usage experience? Where does it have room for improvement?

These are the campaigns that have the most reachability, especially in the mobile era, where everyone can shoot, shoot and share. However, there are many campaigns that do not work. Or because they did not come to viralizar, which is less worse. Others even generate anti-marketing.

Do not assume that every guerrilla marketing action is a success. Some just do not bomb. But the one you hit has the potential to run the world and make your brand famous.

On anti-marketing, be careful. Escape controversial subjects in your action, get all the necessary authorizations to run and do a thorough exercise of thinking:

Is there anyone who can feel hurt by my action?

In that respect, sin for the excess of security. If there is any chance of going wrong, think of another campaign.

And have you ever done any guerrilla marketing strategy? How was it? Have you felt like it? Share with us the crazy ideas that you had the courage or not to put into practice, maybe we did not inspire more people like that?

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  1. Hi Cynthia, I do not know any post with this bias and it is not really a care that one must have is to be within the norms. For example, law firms can not do certain types of disclosure, so guerrilla marketing would be very difficult for them

  2. Hi Rafael, I work in a company that talks a lot about guerrilla marketing, but it seems to me that they use it the wrong way. They believe that guerrilla marketing is going out on the street delivering gifts from a brand that besides being unknown has a logo composed of abbreviated letters.
    Looking at your post seems great all proposals, however some products are more complicated than others, for example tobacco. Do you know any post that speaks of guerrilla marketing when it comes to products as limited, or by legislation or bad reputation that already carries the product?
    Thank you


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