How Sales Representatives Can Control Their Results

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Why control: one of the challenges of sales representatives is surely to measure results from the contacts they make every day, from the proposals they make. This professional who is often the direct point of contact between the company and the client needs to find out how much of their work effectively transforms into a closed business. In return, the business manager or director of the company also needs to have control of the sales of each member of his team. But how to do it effectively, day in and day out?

How to: The first action is to set the sales targets aligned with the business strategies and establish the deadlines for them to be achieved. Once this is done, the manager or coordinator of the team can set up their organizational foundations, gathering information in two main registers:

1. Sales Representative Data

In this step, you can use a spreadsheet to list some important information. The first of these are the representative sales areas:

Excel Spreadsheets

1 sales representative

In addition to the Sales Representative registering their sales areas, it is also important to register their main customers. This area of ​​customers is essential to maintain a good relationship with them:

2 sales representative

A control of the products to be sold and main forms of contact with the clients is also essential:

3 sales representative 4 sales representative

These records are important to automate data analysis and make it easier to organize your sales representative.

2. Relationship with customers

It is a complete table with the data of each potential customer, related to the respective representative responsible for the account, with value to be negotiated and stage of the negotiation, as in this other example.

5 sales representatives

These two registers must be updated periodically by the sales representative, who will direct their effort, orienting themselves by the data of the table. In order for this follow-up to take place in the best possible way, look for:

  • Analyze performance day by day. Always try to understand how to overcome possible entry barriers and overcome problems.
  • Evaluate the conversion rate, which consists of the ratio between the number of contacts made by the seller and the closed deals. This index alone is not enough to point out problems when numbers are not favorable, but it is a good indicator that sometimes the seller is working hard and producing little.
  • Go along as prospecting, or the number of contacts made by the seller that can become a closed deal. This value can show the seller's effort with new or old customers.
  • Promote and participate in team meetings to give the rep an insight into how other salespeople are dealing with work as well as motivate them to achieve their goals.

At the end of a given period, whether by campaign, month or year, you can evaluate the progress of the work, by goals met and volume of revenue.

6 sales representative

It is also important to know the general sales results, to assess whether the strategies and goals outlined are being met or whether there are adjustments to be made.

7 sales representative

Putting these tips into practice and paying attention to the performance of each representative, you will be able to point problems and look for solutions so that the company's revenue generation works in the best way possible.

One way to make this work easier is to follow-up from a preformatted template, such as result control worksheet for sales representatives prepared by LUZ. Good job and good business!

Excel Spreadsheets


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