How to Apply Inbound Marketing for Your Business

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Of course, companies must have certain adaptability and constant investment in improvements to keep pace with market changes. In recent years, many of these strategies have been focused on the digital environment, such as the inbound marketing, which is known as attraction marketing.

The nomenclature is related to the premise of the modality, since it is precisely the attraction and involvement of potential customers, through relevant materials. From that point, users can make a closer relationship with the company possible and as a consequence, the sale can be realized. It's a great potential strategy to raise the visibility of the company and enhance the customer experience.

What do I need to plan?

There are a number of steps that can be taken to achieve satisfactory results in the implementation of Inbound Marketing, but there are some general factors that must be evaluated and as you can analyze, they are important both before, during and after sales. Some examples are:

1) Establish a goal and the person

Undoubtedly, setting a goal is paramount for any type of strategy, including the implementation period. Another significant point is the identification of the person, which represents the ideal consumer, this kind of knowledge must be constantly updated to ensure a precise direction in each action plan.

Knowing the target audience and defining the persona are key issues in deciding what the channels will be, after all it is not enough that the company is present in various digital media, it is necessary to offer quality content on the right platforms.

This is common because customers of a company that works with gas water heater can be predominantly present on a given platform, unlike a civil construction wooden batten, just as the issues and approaches will be different.

2) Attraction and lead capture

For planning it is necessary to analyze the stage of attraction, which covers the development of content relevant to the people, which actually transmits support. The material needs to be well developed, not only with relevant information, but also in its structure. For example, content regarding aluminum handrail can present curiosities about the material, care in the installation and main advantages.

In order to generate the leads, which correspond to potential customers who show interest in the company, it is possible to create forms for obtaining information. From that point, the lead goes through nutrition and can be stimulated more effectively with the contents by the day of purchase.

3) Organization and update

It can be said that the transformation of leads into customers, occurs not only through the relevant materials, but through the offers and reliability achieved. After completion of the sale, it is essential that content is constantly updated and investments in strategies continue to attract more leads.

Know the main tools of Inbound Marketing

In order for the incorporation of inbound marketing to be satisfactory in the company, different tools can be used. Undoubtedly, this is a factor that requires a team of qualified professionals to outline strategies that are more compatible with the company's profile and goals. Among the main tools, it is possible to mention:

  • Blog;
  • Social networks;
  • Webinar;
  • E-mail marketing.

The blog carries great potential to share content in an agile way, especially when compared to traditional sites. Usually corporate blogs address different topics within a segment. It is the case of a company that works with coatings, an example of content would be to address the advantages of Ceramic pool coat.

Social networks are tools of significant potential, especially with regard to customer relationships. In this case, it is necessary that the actuation channels be compatible with the person, that is, the ideal consumer representation of the company.

To encourage much more engagement in social networks, there are a number of features that can be explored, such as periodic posts in different formats, targeting in sponsored campaigns, polls, and more.

However, the webinar corresponds to a type of conference that is carried out online, but a person talks about a certain subject, while others attend. However, due to the increasingly advanced features of the platforms, there are various ways to interact with the speaker, such as live chats.

In order to enable the execution of e-mail marketing, it is necessary that some procedures are met, such as obtaining information from users, which indicates the consensus. In addition, it is crucial to bring together a network of contacts and properly target quality content.

In the course of the text, significant resources were presented for the implementation process of inbound marketing, but it is very important that professionals analyze with caution the particularities of the companies. This is a point that naturally involves critical issues to take advantage of the strategy and actually drive business.

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