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After designing a business and launching a product or service on the market, the first discipline the entrepreneur must develop is Cash Flow Control. Without this well-structured process, it is very difficult to understand whether the company is making or losing money, whether the operation is profitable and controlling the defaulters and accounts payable that will expire or have already expired and incur interest.

Na SEBRAE Entrepreneur Fair at 2015, we realize how small business owners are still crawling on this topic. Many still do not have a simple financial management tool, and those who have it use it without the necessary discipline, blending different business accounts with personal ones, which greatly undermines the view of profitability.

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The Light has 2 tools financial management, a simpler one for businesses that do not need such complex financial management and another one for companies that already have a greater maturity at that point. Below we list them and we talk about their main characteristics so that you are sure of the cash flow right for you. Are they:

You'll also find it here on our blog several interesting articles on cash flow, teaching us to use our tools on a daily basis and talking about best practices on the subject. If you have a simple version of the spreadsheet and want to purchase a more complete template, we only charge the difference in price. To do so, send us an email:

Cash Flow Worksheet in Excel 4.0

Cash flow

A Cash Flow Worksheet in Excel 4.0 is our most basic tool for financial controls, but it is nevertheless complete depending on the size and complexity of running a business.

The use of it begins with the completion of the Chart of Accounts, which is nothing more than a classification of the incoming and outgoing cash accounts. That is, instead of having a large group Recipes with Services, you create names for smaller groups, for example: Recipe with Haircuts, Recipe with Makeup, Recipe with Hair Removal. The same thing happens with the expenses and the intention is that you know where are the biggest expenses of the company and more profitable products / services.

Chart of accounts for product companies - chart of accounts

After completing the chart of accounts, the Spreadsheet will already be set up for day-to-day use. Your best friend in the routine will be the "Launchings" tab. It is in it that you will register all daily operations with dates and fill in whether the entry or exit is as paid or unpaid. The correct completion of this attribute is what will ensure that your balance will hit the bank statement and allow you to control what is not paid, charging defaulters and paying bills on time.

Cash Flow - Launches

The other tabs in the worksheet are tabs of graphical reports so you can be sure of the situation of your company: summary of journal entries with daily balances, cash flow statement, income statement, accounts receivable and payable, account evolution, specific income and expense reports and a report configured for printing.

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Here are some of his charts:

Cash Flow - Graphs

It is suitable for small businesses wishing to start the cash flow control, understanding if they are making or losing money at the end of the month and also know what items they earn or lose more money.

However, it is not best for companies that use multiple banks, have revenues from different forms of payment, work with cost centers, need to analyze customers and suppliers differently, and already have a well-established financial planning discipline. For these needs, it's worth looking at the worksheets below.

Buy the Cash Flow Worksheet in Excel 4.0 the site LIGHT.

Complete Financial Management Worksheet

The Complete Financial Management Worksheet does absolutely everything necessary for a complete and mature financial management of a company. That is, it has the items already used inside the normal Cash Flow Worksheet as:

  • Cash flow
  • DRE
  • Bills to pay and receive

In addition it also has:

  • Budget control

You will be able to register your initial monthly planning on an account, compare it with the monthly one and have a separate session to register a projection, which would be an alternative strategy to beat the initial planning already counting on the influence of what is being carried out.

complete financial management - financial projection

  • Control of cost centers

You can use different subsidiaries or stores as cost centers, or even separate by customers, products, among others, to analyze the profitability of each one separately.

cost center - cash flow by cost center

  • Analysis by means of payment

Many types of companies have automatic rebates paid to media providers depending on the payment format used to sell. Boleto bancário has a discount, credit card has another and, if it is parceled out, the discount is usually higher. This worksheet helps you make more automatic posting and analysis of these variations.

complete financial management - chart of accounts forms of payment

  • Analysis by banks

At the moment of registering the Chart of Accounts, you can register different banks and specify them in the postings. The great advantage is to have your bank balance right at the time of comparing with the statements. All reports can also be viewed by bank.

cash flow with bank analysis - chart of bank accounts

  • Control of customers and suppliers

This spreadsheet has the extra power at each launch to tie it to a pre-registered customer or vendor. In addition, of course, you can view specific Cash Flow and DRE reports by each of the customers and suppliers.

complete financial management - chart of accounts clients and suppliers

  • Financial planning

The Complete Financial Management Worksheet works for any company of any size and with any level of financial complexity, as long as the company has well-managed financial processes.

complete financial management - January launches

You can purchase the Complete Financial Management Worksheet the site LIGHT.

If you have already purchased the cash flow sheet and would like to upgrade by purchasing the full version, you will only be charged for the difference in price between the spreadsheets. To do this contact our service at

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