Start Management in Practice How to generate leads with Instagram?

How to generate leads with Instagram?

How to generate leads with Instagram?

Leads are fundamental to any business, after all, without them, no sales is not it? That's why it's critical that you know how to generate leads regardless of the channel you use.

In today's text we will address one of the social channels most loved by marketing teams, the Instagram.

Although Instagram does not overwhelm the number of users compared to Facebook, its popularity among users cannot be denied.

And you can't deny how valuable this channel can be to the marketing and sales. So without further ado, check out how your company can generate leads within Instagram.

Use link in Bio

You, the entrepreneur, who is starting your business or consolidating it on social networks, can only use the link in Bio to capture more leads!

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The cool thing about the link at Bio is that if you need a landing page that provides more than one link you can use sites like Linktree and spread the word.

How to generate leads with Instagram

Linktree is a very, but very useful tool for adding more than one link to your Instagram BIO, and when used the right way you can be your # 1 lead generation ally in Insta, please understand below.

Stories Links

A good way to generate leads is to provide engaging stories to your audience and link to URLs that lead to an interesting form or lead capture landing page.

But this is only possible if you have more than 10 1000 followers, otherwise you can ask the user to access your BIO where you can provide a unique link for a particular action.

With the exception of more “cool” bloggers and brands, most companies take a long time to reach this significant number of followers.

So here you can use Linktree to direct the user to the page you referenced in your story.

Straight to the point: In Stories you can talk about a product, service, rich material that the user can register through a page, and for him to access that page, he just has to access his BIO and click on the link available there.

Instagram Ads

Ads are the most powerful and efficient way to generate leads on Instagram when the strategy is well designed and executed.

The most important thing here is to keep in mind what you will offer to generate the lead.

Will it be rich material? A special payment condition?

To be honest, it's not because you have a rich product or material, and you're announcing that in a magical way leads will start to appear.

You need to create context, make an irresistible offer to the user. Add a lot of value to him.

People know when you are lying to them and believe me, you will not want to be seen as a lying company.

Answer the Inboxs

generating leads with instagram in inbox

Let's do the following reflection exercise, remember the last person who viewed your answer and didn't answer?

How did you feel? A certain anger is not it? Being ignored is not a very good feeling.

There are companies that do this in inbox. They simply visualize and do not respond.

Inbox is the most valuable opportunity for you. The user stopped what he was doing to send him a message, either asking for a quote or wanting to know more about his service.

And its time to show him how good it can be for him to do business with you or better understand what you do.

Do not ignore him, answer all his questions, if you have any rich material that will help him, send the link for him to download.

Those who attend well always answer.

Answer the comments

Following the same logic as inbox. Responding to comments is very important.

You don't have time to answer? Delegate this role to someone.

Do you have a person responsible for answering the phone and welcoming people in your company? This person can answer customers online as well.

Nowadays it is essential to have a good service in both offline and online environment.


Well, we hope the text helped you better understand how to generate leads on Instagram.

These tips came straight from the battlefield of our digital marketing agency from Brasilia.

All we go through are the strategies we use for our clients, so you can be sure it's not just guesswork or tips that were never implemented 🙂

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