How to Increase Productivity in Companies

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What is: Daily productivity is the amount of productive work we can accomplish, logically depending on your type of position. Productivity is affected by two main factors: the amount of time actually spent on work and the quality / speed of work.

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How to: despite the common belief that some are simply better / more fit than others, in fact much of the quality / speed of their work can be improved from training. But for this, it must also be measured and controlled. Otherwise, any improvement does not look like an emotional kick.

As we are fans and experts of using spreadsheets in excel for practically everything in life, we decided to create some spreadsheets that can help you that I will demonstrate in this post.

The Universal Steps of Productivity

  1. Start by setting the tasks
  2. Launch Activities
  3. Please state what is already completed or not
  4. Review reports

Pomodoro Timesheet

Below I will present these two methods of productivity that have been transformed by us into easy and ready-to-use spreadsheets.

The Pomodoro Method

This tool aims to create focus / productivity program intervals interspersed with short breaks. Typically, focus periods are 25 minutes each, having 1 or 2 rest minutes which include drinking water, restroom or just being distracted by something. In our spreadsheet, we create the timer associated with a list of tasks that must be followed in sequence.

How to Increase Productivity in 1 Companies

Using Timesheet

A timesheet, or time sheet in a free translation, is a more traditional and well-known tool in the productivity world. In it, you will simply record each of your activities / tasks and the time that has been applied to each of them.

Business Spreadsheets
With this you will generate a history and reports that allow you to evaluate how you are going and improve continuously.

How to Increase Productivity in 2 Companies

Have you seen how organizing productive routines can improve workflows? If you want to make this task even easier, visit our website and test our top worksheets for productivity improvement for free!

Excel Spreadsheets


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