Tips for making a successful promotion

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A lot of people do not know the right time or how to make a promotion appropriate to the marketing needs of their companies. It is a market strategy that has different goals that must be well defined along with sound planning. More important than selling is customer loyalty and this is precisely the main advantage of promotions. When done well, besides bringing good fruit, do not hurt the company's billing.

Creating a Sales Promotion That Works

How to make a successful promotion

Keeping track of actions is critical to making decisions when creating a promotion. So, using tools that help you track numbers and data makes all the difference. A control worksheet, with products, amounts collected and other information can help take different directions and find the right approach.

Excel Spreadsheets

The first step is the elaboration of the objectives, which can be from the renovation of the stock; the increase in the number of customers; focus on new products, in short, setting goals greatly influences the type of discount that will be offered and what the possible profit. Among the most common goals are:

  1. Sale of products that were purchased in large quantities;
  2. Search for new target audiences;
  3. Seasonal Promotions

One example we have recently seen of seasonal promotion is the anniversary of the Guanabara supermarket. They take advantage of the days before and after their birthday to attract the audience with very competitive prices. Here's what happens:


The next step is to define the target audience and for this it is important to answer questions such as:

  1. the purchasing power of the client,
  2. your habits,
  3. how can they pay,
  4. what they expect

Among other questions that will help define the type of audience to target the promotion. Focus on the target audience depending on the product to be sold, ie if your product is women's shoe, try to make a communication aimed at women. Focusing well also helps in advertising, especially in direct advertising, because it will be possible to determine what kind of approach will be taken to attract the customer.

Planning is the key

Some companies like Amazon and Submarino make different promotions, but all are made with different goals, which take into consideration also the time of year. A practical example is Black Friday (Black Friday) that takes place in the last week of November and aims to renew inventories for Christmas. Not only in these cases but in any other case is it important to plan and determine in detail what will be done for the success of the promotion.


It is essential to plan ahead, evaluating the conditions of the market, the time and the direction of the promotion. There is no point in offering discounts all year round, just to hit targets, because the customer can become unwell and can still devalue the brand, which needs a positioning in relation to competitors.

Make regular promotions, with good publicity and, if possible, establish a channel of communication with the customer, such as telephone, email or social network, so it will be easier to direct communication and loyalty.

Types of promotion

There are different types of promotion and each one responds to a marketing need. Among them are the "light 3 pay 2", indicated for who owns a large quantity of a certain merchandise. The advantage is in encouraging the consumer to bring more products and the entrepreneur still sells more. There is also the progressive discount for those who take a second product, whose purpose is the same and still has a great advantage.

How to make a successful promotion

Another good promotion refers to bonuses for next visit or something free for loyal customers. A practical example is a pizzeria that offers the tenth free pizza. The concept can be used in different segments and guarantees the return of the consumer. Also they do success deals like liquidation and firing of stock that offer real discounts for some departments or products in specific. Care must be taken in this type of promotion and also demonstrate transparency to have more interesting returns.

Promotions that make the customer become more special, such as sweepstakes and actions such as cultural promotion, in which he will have to disclose the brand are also very good. Try using social networks or website to have a higher return. If you can not do something great, offer freebies or free shipping, which is already something that guarantees increased direct sales and loyalty. In all cases it is important to make the calculations to make the facility available without diminishing the profit margin.

Develop an action plan

For everything to work out, it is important to establish detailed action plans and everyone involved must be aware of the decisions that will be made. They should be focused and committed to the reality of promotion. Draw goals that can be executed with raw values, in addition to registering those customers who have returned for the promotion.

Does your company follow these tips when planning a promotion? Share your experience with us in the comments!

Excel Spreadsheets


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