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How to Organize Showcases
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In this article we will talk about:

Importance of storefront windows for retail

Whether you have a physical store or an ecommerce you know the importance that the windows have. Much more than being a "window" of your store, it is responsible for the first impression your customers will have on your business. Some surveys indicate that showcases can account for up to 70% of the retail store turnover, and that's the kind of data that can not be ignored if you want to thrive.

Ready Sheet - Matrix BCG

Although the characteristics of a physical store are completely different from the virtual stores (ecommerces), both will require a good positioning of your products, highlight what you want to leave in evidence and turnover, not to be tiresome for those who pass in front of your shop everyday.

Now, although it sounds simple, setting what your most important products will be can be quite tricky and, as I said up here, making mistakes at that point could be a shot in the foot. So knowing exactly what products to use in your showcase will help you a lot right now.

Find out what are your best products with the BCG Matrix

To understand what are the best products to put in your retail window, I recommend that you use the BCG matrix, which is a table of product classification in 4 differentiated levels according to their relative market share and market growth. If you want to know more, check our how we use the BCG matrix to improve our product catalog.

In our BCG Matrix Worksheet, instead of using the standard classification, we use a variation of the market growth for a market share of that product in relation, see how we use these two indicators in the classification of our spreadsheets:

how to improve catalog of products or services with matrix bcg - sorting spreadsheets

By simply defining these two items, you can see exactly in which group each product you have fits. There are 4 possible groups:

  • Star
  • Milky cow
  • In Questioning
  • Pineapple

In our case, the results were as follows:

how to improve catalog of products or services with matrix bcg - percentage of products by area

From this data, you are already getting enough information to organize your store windows or ecommerce.

How to organize storefront windows for retailers

If you are wanting to organize the shop window of your store, you need to think of the most important one, which is to highlight your best products, that is, the star products. This is rule number one. The only time you will not do this is when you are launching new products or testing old products that can generate some sales (in questioning).

In our case (from LUZ), which is an ecommerce, we use a slideshow as featured and categories with 4 products per line with our most important products:

Ecommerce LIGHT Spreadsheets

The cool thing about this arrangement is that it allows us to make more highlights in the slideshow and to work our star products right in the first lines (where the client does not have to scroll on the site yet).

But going back to the same physical stores, as I was talking about, besides the highlights made for star products or possibly products for questioning, it pays to be very careful not to waste prominent spaces with products that do not sell anything. called pineapples). A simple sales analysis can tell you this product differentiation.

Another good technique is to work promotions for products with the expiration date, so you avoid wastage in cases of pericibilidade (especially if they are dairy cows that already have a constant consumer public). This tactic is widely used in pharmacies, supermarkets and retailers that have perishables.

how to organize store windows retail - promotion, offer

Still, in the best strategies to take advantage of your store window, it is worth having vendors with an in-depth knowledge of everything you sell and making product offer tests that have some sale (regardless of BCG matrix rating) but that are not other products that have more output or that "match" with them.

To close, there are some important rules that will help you have a good showcase:

  • Focus - Know exactly what you want to highlight in your store window
  • Organization - Beware of excess products being exposed
  • Cleaning - Avoid too much dust, cracked or dirty glass
  • Lighting - Especially for shops that stay open until at night or indoors
  • Price visible - In addition to being an obligation of the Consumer Defense Code, it helps to make a filter
  • Rotativity - To show variety and not always seem the same to customers
  • Beware of excessive advertisements - cardboard flags, partner brands, etc.

In the case of virtual stores there are other points of attention:

  • Header and Menu - Important to display categories, search field and main information such as logo and contact
  • Above the line - Everything shown without scrolling, this is the most premium space on the site, so show that you have good and different offers, to encourage the user to continue seeing
  • Virtual showcase - Where you will present your products, promotions, etc.
  • Footer - Fixed space at the bottom of the page with sitemap and other secondary information

Let's see some physical store windows that did a great job of highlighting the product:

5 Examples of innovative store windows

  • Apple – Apple Store in Florida

apple florida store

  • Louis Vuitton Focus on an important product within the company's collection (male products)

showcase louis vuitton

  • Johnnie Walker - Conceptual, with the product presented in a differentiated way

johnnie walker showcase

  • Replay - Focus on mannequins and differentiated decoration with accessories in the middle

replay window

  • Letters to You, Letter from You - Focus on mannequins with differentiated decoration in the background

letters for you letters from you showcase

Get to know your products and organize your shop window

Did you understand the importance of knowing the classification of the best and worst products to organize the shop window of your store? This is why I BCG Matrix Worksheet for you to know and categorize your products

Ready Sheet - Matrix BCG

Excel Spreadsheets


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