How to retain a customer?

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68% of consumers abandon certain brands because of poor product quality or service. And to combat this evasion come into play Loyalty Programs and marketing of relationship.

Loyalty programs have been in existence for more than 100 for years and in Brazil the first loyalty program has emerged in 1993 by TAM Airline. According to Jupiter Research, more than 75% of consumers currently have at least one loyalty card, and it is estimated that the number of individuals with two or more accounts for one-third of the public who frequents the malls. (Source: Wharton Universia Knowledge)

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What is a loyalty program?

"These are programs designed to encourage consumer loyalty in the consumption of a particular product or service or products / services with which the program has some kind of agreement."

O loyalty concept means turning the customer from an eventual buyer to a frequent buyer, who returns and discloses the company, creating a long-term relationship. O faithful customer is involved with the company, not altering its habit, maintaining its frequent consumption of products and brand. This is loyal to the company in relation to the brand or product and service, extending the relationship over time (ANGELO E SILVEIRA, 2001, P. 216).

How to have the best loyalty program?

If you want to offer the best loyalty or reward program to your customers, you should worry about:

* offer something consistent with the ability of your company;

* offer the client something that is relevant, and;

* Monitor the performance of the loyalty program.

Failure to meet these three points may relationship with your customer. Some companies offer so many models of loyalty programs that their offer is no longer consistent and relevant.

A good example of a loyalty program!

Valdir was able to succeed in its program because it had Coherence, Relevance and Monitoring of its offer.

Finally, it is worth watching the video below, in which Sergio Marcondes, Director General of Accentiv'Mimética, and Maurício Quinze, of Multiplus Business, discuss the creation of a successful loyalty program. How to create and sustain it.

Does your company offer a loyalty program? Tell us the experience in the comments below!

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