How to use Carnival to test your product or service

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In this article we will talk about:

Enjoy the Carnival to undertake!

The Carnival is coming and it is not news that this is one of the events that moves people most throughout Brazil. From the famous blocks of streets and greater number of tourists in beaches, hotels and inns until the electric trios and themed parties. Now, instead of thinking about just enjoying Carnival at these parties, events or trips, you may also want to undertake and this is a great date to test a new product or service!

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For this, it is important to think about some essential topics:

Some products that have already been released and have been successful

Just to show you that it is possible and to inspire you a little more, see some examples of products that were launched in the Carnival and went ahead:

1. (Drink) Hush

This drink made from natural fruits and vodka came from a group of locals tired of hot beers and the sameness of the other options common in blocks of street. The product was so sure that after Carnival the brand was consolidated and it acts in events and with delivery in the South Zone of RJ!

how to test a product or service at carnival - Drink Hush

If you want to know more, visit their Facebook page.

2. Caipile

Another brand that appeared in the carnival in Rio was the Caipilé. Following a bit of this tendency to offer a cool refreshing drink instead of hot products that barely go down the throat.

how to test a product or service at carnival - caipile

The success was so much that besides the sacolés they also have the drinks in nice little bottles of 200ml. Take a look at the their website.

3. 1 Number - Portable Bathroom

For you not to mention that I'm only showing you ideas of drinks, another very original business that came up was the 1 Number, which is a little bag with a gel that can be used to urinate, avoiding the huge queues of chemical toilets.

how to test a product or service at carnival - Numero 1 portable bathroom

If you want to know more about this unusual idea and how it came about enter here on the company website.

4. Food Trucks and Food Bikes

Another trend that promises to be more present in this Carnival are the Food Trucks and Food Bikes. Although they have been around for quite some time now, some really cool options have come from selling all kinds of foods, from hamburgers, pizzas and hot dogs (in the case of food trucks) to churros, brownies and puddings (in the case of food bikes).

Food in carnival

If you already have a similar idea, but still lack operational, it is worth knowing Moove Bikes.

4 steps to price your product or service

The truth is that most products or services that are well accepted in Carnival need to have a good price and we have some steps that are very important to be used for not losing money (with a very cheap product) or sales (with a very expensive product):

  • Step 1 - Do not forget your costs

If you are starting out, this will be a test with prototypes, so the most important cost will be the direct one, which is bound to the raw material that you will use for each product developed. For example, if you sell a drink with vodka and fruit, you need to know how many drinks you can make with a bottle of vodka and how many fruits you need.

how to test a product or service at carnival - direct costs

In a simple example, if we could make 10 drinks with a bottle of R $ 30 and use R $ 10 with the fruits, we would have a minimum selling price of R $ 4. Obviously you would try to sell a little more expensive to make a profit and be worth it. Let's assume for the time being that the selling price would be R $ 8

  • 2 Step - Review Your Competitors

Another important thing is to see if there are competitors with similar products or services, as this may influence your price or sales strategy during Carnival. See how the filling of our price formation worksheet:

how to test a product or service at carnival - competitors

In our case we would have a cheaper product and a more expensive product. But the truth is that only this punctual analysis does not tell us many things, it is necessary to see how your brand stands.

  • 3 Step - Positioning / Value

Even if you are having a more expensive price, this may not be a problem depending on how you position yourself and what value you offer your customers. To get good value offers, think about what the customers need (carnival revelers).

  • Step 4 - Test Culture

If you got here, you already have a product or service (or idea of ​​what you want), you've already mapped competitors, your value to your customers and you already know (or think you know) the price you're going to use. Well, it was missing the practical part, which is to put your product / service on the street and make modifications according to what you hear, for that.

Especially at Carnival there are some tactics and tests that can help you understand what to do. Some suggestions I give you are:

  1. Try pricing on different blocks or locations - try going to different blocks or areas on the same day with slightly different prices and see where you sell the most
  2. See acceptance of prices - if you have a lot of bargain, rejection or complaint, try to think about good sales options
  3. Think about combos with round prices - if a product sells for R $ 6, see the feasibility of making 2 for R $ 10 and 5 for R $ 25

Another thing to watch

With the end of Carnival you will come in for a moment of reflection on your sales, effort and whether it is worth moving on or not. If you have made good sales and received good feedback, it may be the indication that it is worth going forward. Now, instead of simply playing in the world of entrepreneurship, it is worth doing an economic feasibility study using the results you obtained.

Two essential points

If I could separate 2 main points to summarize this post and tell you what the best way to test a product or service on your Carnival this year would be these:

  • Think about a product or service that will really help people - if you're not solving any problems or upsetting the revelers, you'll probably just be a street vendor selling beers (and if that's your option and you can afford it, go ahead)
  • Do not forget to look at your pricing. This way you avoid losing money, time and effort

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