How to Work Your Brand on Social Networks

How to Work Your Brand on Social Networks
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Not only promotional banner and personalized products live the brand positioning. Currently, use the social networks is a great opportunity to boost business.

A survey pointed out that 96,2% of the companies surveyed use the networks, and more than 60% of people believe that these channels make a difference for a company. But how to use this tool to attract customers to differentiated segments, such as cleaning of glass and facades, for example? Of course, for every niche there are different strategies.

However, in general, social networks can enhance the image of a company and help in the brand building. Want to know how? Keep reading this post and learn how to transform your brand with this type of service!

1. Use the power of social media image

According to IAB Brazil, 74% of consumers usually do research on the internet before buying anything. Among the most sought after products in the media, the clothing and footwear sector stands out. Besides the practicality of having the purchases literally in the palm of the hand, orders in large quantity can even have a lower cost when the purchase is made by the web.

Among the various social networks in the market, Instagram is highlighting. In addition to being a network with many visuals, videos and photos, this platform is also considered very promising at the time of sales. So much so that 70% of sales closed by social networks in the period between September and November of 2018 appeared in instagram (survey released by Nuvem Shop).

So if you want to invest in a manufacture of uniforms for companies, for example, but wants to innovate through the media and do not know how, check below some strategic points that can not be lacking in your planning:

  • Invest in professional photos for the clothes;
  • Prepare an organized setting to expose uniform pieces;
  • Take advantage of video and story features to showcase launches;
  • Use hashtags on the posts that identify the garment industry;
  • Enable business settings especially for Instagram;
  • Bet on a harmonic and diverse feed.

2. Look for references to stand out

In specific industries, creativity when it comes to social networking can be harder. However, it is at this moment that seeking references and showing the relevance of these services in the market becomes a differential. For example, what condominium building or commercial building does not need maintenance? Considering that cleaning services are even in the urban legislation of São Paulo, it is interesting to use the power of the networks to carry out this disclosure.

As usually this service is offered by outsourced companies in the area of ​​cleaning, an essential tip for anyone who does the management of social networks is to seek everything about the competition. Depending on the size of the company and the profile of the professionals working in that environment, the tone may be more serious. However, this demand is in the daily lives of people and, therefore, mirroring in current references is also a great positioning strategy.

3. Use social networks to leverage sales

If you have ever heard of a commercial automation company and how that kind of partnership can boost your business, know that this is a promising attitude. Depending on the company segment, commercial automation takes place in different contexts.

But, regardless of each situation, a company that invests in automation seeks technological solutions for sales. The use of software and management tools is fundamental for the operation in this segment.

And why not use social networks in this direction to leverage sales? According to Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), even with the economic crisis, businesses through the internet continue to buy, so it is essential to invest in social networks as allies.

In this context, we can not forget important factors such as:

  • Good relationship with clients;
  • Targeted ads;
  • Direct communication;
  • Clear information on buying and selling

Lastly, it does not matter if your current investment is a promotional banner or a complete business restructuring through social media techniques. What is essential is to invest in digital marketing industry to promote the brand and the relationship with the target audience.

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