Identifying bottlenecks and measuring the maturity of your business

how to identify bottlenecks
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Article written by LUZ columnist Keire Morais, responsible for Grandi Academy.

Speak in Business management for small businesses implies, first and foremost, to understand a scenario full of unforeseeable situations, where often the entrepreneur is, at the same time, who does the planning, executes and still monitors.

For this reason, the management process may seem confusing and exhausting. But the idea of ​​this article is precisely to clarify the way for the entrepreneur to achieve the best results even at the beginning of the business.

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In this article we will talk about:

What is Business Management?

The set of feasible measures (systems, methodologies, tools and / or programs) adopted to elaborate the planning, execution and monitoring of the processes in a company is what we call Business management.

When this set of measures works efficiently, the result is the growth and development of the company, as well as the commitment of its work team.

Another benefit is the ability of the entrepreneur to follow the "behavior" of the organization and improve it gradually in order to avoid unforeseen, waste, errors and increase its profitability.

It is common that in small companies, because the processes are still simpler, the entrepreneur leaves pass some important details of his management.

Details as assemble (or acquire) control worksheets, set budgets, and even set up a work team to match your demand if disregarded, may even get you into trouble.

A business management ensures alignment of information in order to generate results that can be measured and controlled.

Business management

Why does it make sense to measure the maturity of your company?

It can be said that a company has a satisfactory level of managerial maturity when its processes are simplified and generate stable results, so that the unforeseen ones do not become frequent nor the execution errors become common.

In a second way, it is known that the company has managerial maturity, as it tries to solve the unforeseen process while they are still initial, and not only when they become great losses.

Step 1: How to identify the bottlenecks in your processes

  • Make observations. In your perception, are your current results consistent with what you planned? If the answer is no, raise some assumptions about what is happening.
  • Make a survey of the problems encountered. Are they more unforeseen or are they operational problems?
  • Check how often they happen. Also classify them in order of severity.

identify bottlenecks in processes

2 Step: Measuring Your Company's Managerial Maturity

Check that:

  • Do you still faithfully follow your strategic vision of the business?
  • Do you frequently replace employees (dismiss and hire)?
  • Do you have problems in the final customer service?
  • Do you have any applied management methodology?
  • Do you know the balance of your billing?

If the answers are negative, then the degree of managerial maturity of your company is low and needs attention.

3 Step: Applying Improvements and Tracking

Use quality tools and follow a PDCA

O PDCA cycle is the quality tool that characterizes a cycle of follow-up and action, where each initial signifies a phase of this process. As seen below:

P - Planto plan) - you define what will be done, in what way and within what time;

D- Of (Execute) - you turn the defined plans into actions;

W - CheckTo monitor) - you monitor the execution of the plan and its variations;

THE - ActAgir) - you correct the variations found before returning to the planning phase.

Identifying bottlenecks and measuring the maturity of your company 1

Map your business using flowcharts

This tool guarantees the visualization and organization of your processes. In Excel, you can find several predefined flowchart templates and easy to use.

Build a SWOT Analysis

Compare the weaknesses found in the tool with your previous observations. The initials of SWOT analysis mean:

S Strengthsforces) - which the company already has strong and works well;

W - weaknesses (weaknesses) - which the company has weak and needs improvement;

O - opportunities (opportunities) - what the company can take advantage of for its development;

T - threats (threats) - which could threaten the company's development.

SWOT Analysis Worksheet

Apply "The 5 Whys" to find major causes of problems

This tool analyzes the possible causes of problems from the perspective of the people involved.

Apply the GUT Matrix to set priorities

A GUT Matrix measures the level of Severity, Urgency, and Worst Trend of the problems encountered, in order to define what will be solved first.

Gut Matrix Worksheet

Use the 5W2H table to create your action plan

O action plan 5W2H define What will be improved; Because why); When (When); By whom; Where (Where); How (How); How much will it cost.

5w2h Action Plan Worksheet

Thus, the more observation the entrepreneur and his team (if any) commit to their business to always make realistic analyzes, measure, control their results and seek improvements in the long run, the more mature the managerially the company will be.

The real intention is not simply to manage, but to do so in order to mature the company (and the entrepreneur's vision) as management is employed efficiently.

"It is not enough to do your best; first, you need to know exactly what to do to then give your best. "
Joseph Juran - Quality Advisor (1904-2008)

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