Accounts Payable Worksheet for Condos

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One of the obligations of a liquidator is to render accounts of the financial movements of the condominiums in meetings. This presentation must contain all income and expenses of the condominiums, proven and compared to the previously approved budget. For this, the trustee must keep not only receipts and payments receipts, but also follow the default of the condominium owners.

Accountability must be correct and accurate to be approved by the fiscal council and, therefore, should be done on a regular basis with tools that assist in the control and correct structure of the accounts.

With that in mind, we created a control worksheet for condominiums which will assist in the rendering of accounts, making the control of the payments and also of the expenses for the automatic elaboration of the balance sheet.

Accounts Payable Worksheet for Condos

1) Control of Payments and Default

The main control that will be done in the spreadsheets is the month-to-month condominium payment of all units of the building in addition to the expenses. Thus, you will have detailed control of the default, revenue and also all types of related costs.

Accounts Payable Worksheet for Condos

2) Monthly Balance Sheet

Along with the registration of the expenses of the condominium, the worksheet automatically generates the detailed balance sheet of the financial movements ready for the rendering of accounts.

Accounts Payable Worksheet for Condos

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Excel Spreadsheets


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