3 Rules for Interviewing Candidates

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What is: Interviewing candidates is an essential part of any selective process, be it conservative or innovative. Virtually all companies talk to their new employees, even from a distance, to try to better understand their past, opinion and values. Typically, the interview is done face-to-face, but there are many companies that pre-interview over the phone or even entire Skype interviews.

How to: While the ability to interview is an extremely delicate, valuable and time-consuming skill to develop, there are some general guidelines that will already help your business greatly.

1) Do not Assume Nothing

The first difficult point to develop when interviewing people is to avoid assuming too many things about the candidate. Although it is normal to draw rational conclusions about the person's clothing, hair, and vocabulary, this can not disrupt his analysis of the right candidate (notice that this is different from the best professional). In many cases, the interviewer ends up liking the person who most closely resembles his or her habits and values, ignoring the one most appropriate for the team. Remember also that a good interview does not necessarily mean a good employee. We strongly suggest the implementation of practical and real tests (not charades) as a main part of the selection process.

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2) Only Hire Anyone to Level Up

One of the most important and harsh questions that you, as an interviewer and evaluator, should ask of a candidate is, "Does this person increase the company average?" That is, he appears to be better than the people who are already in the team? And make no mistake, even if it's a support job, anyone below average can contaminate the entire team. Whether doing a bad job or simply discouraging the best employees. Either it raises the average or it's out. It is better to grow slowly than to grow up fast with the wrong team.

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3) Shopping Rule

Another post-interview gold question is, "What would you do if you found the candidate at the mall?" There are three possible answers to that:

A) I would pretend that I did not see it and I was challenged.
B) Changed shopping.
C) I would go to him and ask how he was and if he is excited about the possibility of working with us.

Of course, hire only those who belong to the "C" answer.

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