Learn how to put together the best business model for your business.

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What is: Business model is the structuring of how a company will conquer the market and reach the public interest. Its use helps to identify in detail how the structure of the company works.

Why do: A well-defined business model can point out where problems will occur and the anticipated steps that can be taken to avoid them. As this document explains the operation of the business, it can also serve as the basis for a study of the company's improvement, considering the company can still improve.

Knowledge in contemporary society is a fundamental factor and the renewal of knowledge is essential for every human being. Regardless of length of service, seeking new means of knowledge for your method of work is a daily and determining challenge.

How to Build a Business Model for Your Business

Step 1: Choose the segment of customers

Customer Segmentation in Business Model Evaluation Worksheet

It is normal for many companies not to know much about customers and the segment of them. And as the customer is the vital part of your business success, you need to understand the needs and requirements of each segment. Therefore, through market research and information gathering, you can structure the customer segment that you want to achieve. If your business involves different customer lines, you can create specific segments for each of the profiles.

The customer segment has an impact on Business model because it can bring different strategies of how the public can be reached, affecting the positioning and the tactics of sale in the market.

Step 2: Set the initial investment required

Costs in Business Model Spreadsheet

As important as knowing the customer segment is assessing how much investment will be required to start the business. Many entrepreneurs, by having a relatively high amount of personal capital available to start their business, end up feeling that it is enough to risk the market.

However, a projection of all the items needed to start the business may indicate otherwise. So, do an initial investment planning by projecting all the expenses involved in launching your project. In addition, this annotation affects the business model, indicating which areas require investment, what are the key points, and which are secondary to the business operation.

Step 3: Evaluate Distribution Channels

Distribution Channels in the Business Model Spreadsheet

Evaluating the communication channels for your company is a way of measuring the investment ratio required in disclosure and the expected rate of return. Depending on the financial situation of your company, some channels may not compensate for the cash targeting, or simply be too expensive.

It is interesting for the business model to evaluate the possible channels and list the most interesting ones because, when one has the ideal channel choice, it is easier to bridge the product with the potential consumer. Choosing the communication channel for the product or service can make all the difference at that time.

4 Step: Evaluate Your Business Model

Business Model Evaluation
Once the business model is defined, you can evaluate it against some scoring criteria such as scalability, originality, plausibility, revenue-generating ability, success, and other items. According to these criteria, you can define what can be improved and which items are already strong in your company.

Other tips for developing a business model

First, you must start with an idea that will start the process of your business. Then, analyze the market opportunities. This will allow you to understand if your idea has the potential of economic viability, if the market has customers with profile to consume and enjoy the service resulting from its creation. From there you can set up your business model. What, how and for whom to sell, the fair price and what will be your marketing plan and revenue projections.

With the business plan completed, the entrepreneur will have a broad vision that will allow you to identify the need and amount of resources to finance the venture (such as employees, money and infrastructure, for example). So with the data in hand, you can dedicate yourself to the management of the company.

Tips for managing the company's human resources:

  • Design costs, expenses and revenues.
  • Create spreadsheets for financial statements.
  • Analyze through the return on investment ratios,
  • Review and all the steps and finally, draw the conclusion from the model closing plan.

Improving the business from the business model

When the business is in operation, new ideas and new challenges may arise, and it will be up to the entrepreneur to revise and update the business plan. Thus, ensuring that execution takes place properly and that it achieves the desired objectives.

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